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Kevin Cheng’s IA Summit 2007 Presentation

At this year’s IA Summit, Kevin Cheng and Tom Wailes gave an interesting presentation called, Finding Innovation in the Five-Hundred Pound Gorilla. The talk centers largely around an innovative approach to product design based on a case study of one of Yahoo!’s “vision projects.” The daily grind of the designer and information architect can become […]’s Interview with Larry Constantine

Ashley McKee shares an interview conducted with Larry Constantine, Chief Scientist at Constantine & Lockwood, and speaker at this year’s UI12 Conference.

UIEtips Article: Web Application Form Design

UIEtips 6/26/07: Web Application Form Design Luke Wroblewski discusses how variations in the alignment of input fields, labels, calls to action, and their surrounding visual elements can support or impair different aspects of user behavior.

WebGuild’s Interview with Luke Wroblewski

Ashley McKee relates the interview WebGuild recently conducted with Luke Wroblewski to her previous post about Tutorial Blog’s list of the 60 best web standards compliant web sites.

UIEtips Article: Why Invest in Social Features for Your Web Site?

UIEtips 5/08/07: Why Invest in Social Features for Your Web Site? Joshua Porter investigates the trend to design socially-enabled web applications, and examines the core benefits of investing in social features that apply broadly across many areas on your web site.

UIEtips Article: The Problem of Dirty Data

UIEtips 5/03/07: The Problem of Dirty Data Gerry McGovern explains how many organizations fail to focus on what’s most important to a site’s success: the site’s ability to help users complete key tasks.

Designing for the Ego

Ashley McKee points out an article by Gerry McGovern, which examines Don Norman’s recent claim that simplicity does not sell, and adds her own thoughts on what really incents people to buy.

UIEtips Article: Cue: A Usability Testing Bake-Off

UIEtips 4/17/07: CUE: A Usability Testing Bake-Off Jared Spool talks about how Rolf Molich’s Comparative Usability Evaluation studies can help us learn about usability testing best practices and hone our own capabilities.

Airport User Experience

Andy Budd recently wrote an article on the importance of designing for your users’ entire experience, and the benefits of performing continual user research and contextual inquiry.

UIEtips Article: Simplicity: The Ultimate Sophistication

Joshua Porter talks about the debate around simplicity and how this will affect each of us as we balance new functionality requests.