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UIEtips: How to Create a UX Design Library

I got it wrong. It was the other day when I was talking with EightShapes’ Nathan Curtis while recording an upcoming podcast. As we were talking, I had suggested that a UX Design Library was a snapshot of what the team felt the future of the design would be like. “Oh, no,” Nathan exclaimed! “I […]

The UI15 Lineup – Gettin’ Better Every Year

The User Interface Conference is a 15-year tradition of building up the designer’s skill set. Each year our team of expert instructors gets better and better. These are people so rich in experience, we could just sit around for days listening to their stories on how they’ve achieved their success. This year’s topics are an […]

UIEtips: Components Versus Patterns

The Vulcans had something good with that mind-meld thing. Just put your fingertips on someone else’s forehead and your two minds become one. I wonder if Vulcan designers used that technique to ensure everyone knew how to come up with a coherent, integrated design, even though they all worked on different pieces? Without the mind-meld thing, […]

Help Me Solve A Mystery

I’ve got a real mystery on my hands. I’m hoping you can help me figure it out. Here’s the background: Since 1996, we’ve held an annual event we call the User Interface Conference. Hundreds of folks come every year to learn the latest thinking for creating great user experiences. Over the 15 years, our attendance […]

What Would Your Reaction Be?

“Holy Cow! Are you serious? I can’t believe I won it! My work colleague is extremely jealous!” Those are the exact words from Donna Krainert when we told her she is the newest member of the UI15 Apple iPad club. She and Jennifer Cooper, winner from week 1, can now take copious notes at UI15 […]

Be the Envy of the Office

Right now Jennifer Cooper is doing the happy dance. Why? She just found out she won the first User Interface 15 Apple iPad give-away. And you too can win your very own iPad. Here’s how. With 3 more opportunities for the Apple iPad, you can still get in on the next drawing. If you’re thinking […]

Want a Sneak Peek at What We’ve Been Working On?

We’ve been working so hard on this for so long, it’s hard to believe we’re almost ready. In the next few weeks, we’ll publish the final program for the User Interface Fifteen Conference. We’ve been working on this program for almost a year and it’s awesome to see it come together. It’ll be great when […]