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UIETips: Goods, Bads, and Dailies – Lessons for Conducting Great Critiques

  Critique is a critical role in the design process but often it’s not done in a productive manner. In this article, I explores critique techniques and discusses four important roles of the process. Design studios and critiques are so instrumental in the design processes that we’ve included it as a one day workshop at […]

SpoolCast: Kim Goodwin’s “Getting Design Into the Corporate DNA” UI15 Session Sample

Design has made a lot of progress in the corporate landscape over the past decade, but many designers still find themselves justifying their existence on a fairly regular basis. In Kim Goodwin’s talk, “Getting Design Into the Corporate DNA” from the 2010 User Interface Conference, she explains that it’s a matter of changing the culture of your organization.

SpoolCast: Luke Wroblewski’s “Why You Should Design for Mobile First” UI15 Session Sample

For years, the mobile web experience was little more than an afterthought as most design teams focused on catering their designs to the desktop. As Luke Wroblewski explains in his session “Why You Should Design for Mobile First” from the User Interface 15 Conference, this is becoming an increasingly backwards way of thinking.

SpoolCast: Kristina Halvorson’s “Message and Medium: Better Content by Design” UI15 Session Sample

At this year’s User Interface Conference, Kristina Halvorson presented “Message and Medium: Better Content by Design.” Here’s a sample of her talk from the conference.