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Materials from the Web App Masters 2011 Tour Are Now Available

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s Web App Masters Tour, we have the next best thing for you and your organization: Web App Masters 2011 OnDemand. This is your opportunity to hear all 12 Masters from the Tour give their 75-minute presentations. The OnDemand collection consists of 15 hours of audio recordings, Q&A […]

UIEtips: Building a Community through Stories and Data

Through the years we interviewed some awesome UX professionals and designers. Many have shared tips and techniques that shed light on new approaches and thinking in the world of design. Today’s article is based on one of those podcasts. Kate Brigham and her group at PatientsLikeMe are doing amazing work when it comes to online […]

Web App Masters: Multi-Device Design at Netflix

These days, our users control our apps using keyboards, phones, tablets, and even televisions. At the Web App Masters Tour, Bill shared his collection of design patterns and best practices for creating immersing and rich experiences. At our Seattle stop, Luke Wroblewski captured Bill’s talk in a blog post he originally posted on He’s […]

It’s the Final Tour Stop for the Band

We’ve received rave reviews from the Philadelphia and Seattle Tour stops. You have one last chance to catch us, and after this performance, we’re breaking up the band. The last stop of the UIE Web App Masters Tour is in Minneapolis, June 27-28. Hundreds of web application designers, from all over have found inspiration from […]

Day 2: Seattle Web App Masters Tour

Following the brilliance of Day 1 of the UIE Web App Masters Tour, we had a another awesome day of great presentations. Pam Rodriguez and Luke Wroblewski did a nice job of posting their notes. Thanks guys! Steve Portigal on Design Fieldwork: Uncovering Innovation from the Outside In – Pam’s notes, Luke’s notes. Kate Brigham […]

Day 1: Seattle Web App Masters Tour

Well, we’ve just wrapped up the first day of the UIE Web App Masters Tour stop in Seattle. What a day! Blogger Pam Rodriguez has done a tremendous job summarizing the first day’s sessions. You can read them here: My talk: Mobilism & UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm Bill Scott’s talk: Designing […]

Luke Wroblewski – Designing Mobile Web Experiences Live!

Mobile design is becoming more important everyday. As the technology and capabilities get better so does the users’ experience. Taking advantage of this technology affords you to opportunity to create experiences that your users have only dreamed of. Luke discusses the capabilities of mobile devices, new usage, and the future possibilities.

Jared Spool – The Essential Principles Behind Great Design Principles Live!

Great design principles guide your team to creating designs that delight your users. Having a set of great principles will allow your team to turn ordinary design into extraordinary design. But not everyone has great design principles. What even constitutes a great design principle? Jared dives into our latest research on what teams are doing it right and which are missing the mark.

Web App Masters Tour: Native or Web Based Mobile Apps?

When deploying our applications in a mobile world, eventually our conversation turns to the million-dollar question: Do we implement a native app or build a web-based interface? At the Philadelphia Web App Masters Tour stop, Josh Clark enlightened us with the pros and cons on the difficult decision around native apps versus building a web-based […]

Julie Zhuo – Facebook: Data-Informed vs. Data-Driven Design Decisions Live!

Analyzing data is a great way to make design decisions. But when your analytics log contains billions of clicks, how do you distinguish which ones you should use in forming those decisions? Users’ behavior and activity can provide you with great information and insights. But when do you look to that and when do you trust your own instincts? Julie Zhuo discusses Facebook’s design process.