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6 Reasons to Catch the Web App Masters Tour

There are dozens of reasons you should attend the Web App Masters Tour in Seattle on May 23-24 or Minneapolis on June 27-28. Here are 6 that attendees are excited about. Topics focus on mobile design, data visualization, and process best practices. The Masters are hungry for your questions and conversations. They’re accessible and want […]

Web App Masters: Data and Design at Facebook

When you have billions of clicks in your analytics log files, how do you pick out the right ones for making decisions? When do you trust your own well-honed sense of good design and when do you look to what your users are telling you? At the first stop of the Web App Masters Tour […]

Luke Wroblewski – Designing Mobile Web Experiences

The surge in mobile technology is incredible. Manufacturers ship over a million touchscreen phones every day. These devices allow people to interact with the web in new ways. Streamlining your design for mobile helps you focus on what is absolutely necessary. In this podcast, Luke joins Jared Spool in a discussion about designing mobile experiences.

Mike Lee – Designing a Strategy for Organizational Transformations

Mike Lee is the Senior Digital Strategy Advisor at AARP. With much of the organization’s 53-year heritage being within “traditional” media realms, shifting it’s publishing and broadcast businesses into the online world is no small task. In this podcast, Mike joins Jared Spool to discuss some of the design challenges, the ways AARP has transitioned to the web, and how they have been exploring and taking advantage of mobile and tablet technologies.

Convincing Your Boss to Invest in You

Go ahead. Ask the Question. You’re eager to attend the Web App Masters Tour. You know you’ll put into practice the insights that Jared Spool, Luke Wroblewski and Josh Clark share on mobile design. Your brain will be full of ideas from Stephen Anderson and Noah Iliinsky’s take on data visualization. The tips and techniques […]

UIEtips: Designing with the Elements of Play

Woody Allen once said, “There is no scientific evidence to support the notion that life should be taken seriously.” When it comes to designing applications, Woody was right on the mark. We’ve spent some quality time with Stephen Anderson. Steve makes it his business to explore how serious applications can be fun and engaging. The […]

Until March 14, Free Access to Last Year’s Web App Masters Tour Show

We’re celebrating this year’s Web App Masters Tour fantastic program by giving everyone access to last year’s great show. The recordings and slide decks contain great information like dealing with complex navigation, integrating social components, moving away from static forms, and using design patterns. You’ll hear from top web app masters like Luke Wroblewski, Hagan […]

Noah Iliinsky – The Steps to Beautiful Visualizations

Translating information and data into a useful visualization is challenging. When creating information visualizations, as with any design process, it’s imperative to keep your audience in mind. With quality visualizations, they can understand and analyze complex information. In this podcast, Noah joins Jared Spool for a discussion about how to interpret information visually in a way that is most effective for users to process the information and be successful in their tasks.

UIEtips: iPhone App Design – When an Awkward Interface Makes Sense

We’ve all been there. Your mobile phone, tucked away in your back pocket, accidentally dials someone you have no intent on speak with. Or perhaps you deleted an important message to quickly. Mishaps do happen with mobile devices, but there are ways that design can protect against those accidental occurrences or even undue the mistakes. […]

Finding Incredible Inspiration In Our Data

Nothing reminds me more about the power of what we can do with our data than this TED video of PatientsLikeMe‘s Jamie Haywood, talking about how they change people’s lives with incredible data visualization tools: Here he tells the story of his brother and how it inspired him to look into the data of 45,000 […]