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Stephen Anderson – The Quest for Emotional Engagement

Stephen Anderson, designer and creator of the Mental Notes card deck, believes your users must be emotionally engaged if you want them to exhibit a certain behavior. Stephen uses simple visual representations to help people make choices and understand complex information. In this podcast, Stephen and Jared Spool discuss creating designs that engage your users’ emotions.

How a Theme Emerges: Mobile Design at the Web App Masters Tour

As we were finalizing the program for this year’s UIE Web App Masters Tour, a theme quickly emerged that we hadn’t originally planned on: designing mobile applications. Up until now, mobile has been elusive for us. You see, we don’t talk about a subject just because it’s the latest fad. There are plenty of sources […]

SpoolCast: Mobile Apps – Web-based or Native? – Q&A with Josh Clark

With mobile quickly emerging as a viable and practical source of web based content, designers need to know how to adapt and keep up. With the sheer number of different devices out there it can be a daunting prospect. Josh joins Jared Spool in this podcast for a discussion about making the decision between mobile web and native apps.

SpoolCast: Designing for Mice and Men: UI Across Platforms – Q&A with Bill Scott

The number of places that you can access the web grows every day. But are you designing for it? How do your users see your content? And more importantly, how are they interacting with it? Bill Scott joins Jared Spool and discusses the challenges and a few of the surprises that come with designing for multiple platforms.

SpoolCast: Sharing Stories as Data: Building PatientsLikeMe’s Community – Q&A with Kate Brigham

Kate Brigham is the Patient Experience Manager at PatientsLikeMe. Rather than focusing solely on forums and discussion, she has helped create an environment that encourages sharing amongst the patients. In this podcast, Kate talks to Jared Spool about how PatientsLikeMe uses data visualizations to help create the level of understanding within the community.

UIEtips: Capturing the Interesting Moments

I’ve always been in awe of high-speed photography, like the pictures of Harold Edgerton. You’ve probably seen his classics: shooting a bullet through an apple or what a drop of milk looks like when it collides with other milk. What I love about these pictures is how he’s slowed down time. Once it’s slower, we […]

Learn from the Master of Designing Seductive Interactions

What is Seductive Interaction Design? More and more, we’re seeing web sites use rewards systems, competitions, and fun progress indicators to get people engaged. Interactions such as these trigger different elements of human behavior and encourage your visitors to engage with your web site more. They differentiate the casual glance from a longer involvement with […]

Missed the Masters Tour? You Can Still Experience It

On July 13 our new conference series, the Web App Masters Tour 2010 made its final stop. It was an ambitious task to organize a 2 day conference in 4 cities with 14 of the best and brightest in web application design. We had to provide more than just inspiration. We needed to make sure […]

Web App Masters: A Simple Ladder of Engagement

Clearly, Twitter has taken off like a wild fire. Current figures say there are 190 million users. An impressive number, but could it be higher? At the Web App Masters Tour in Philadelphia, Mark Trammell of Twitter shows us how Twitter helps one-time users become loyal repeaters. Mark shared the project’s successes and failures, and […]

We’re Breaking Up The Band – Last Stop for Masters Tour

We’re breaking up the band. With one stop to go, we’re already considering the UIE Web App Masters Tour a huge success. Hundreds of web application designers, from all across the US and Europe, and as far away as Japan, Egypt, and South Africa, have found inspiration from our world-class experts. Fortunately, there’s one more […]