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UIEtips Article: Playgrounds for Data — Inspiration from NYTimes Interactives

Greetings, Today, in our UIEtips email newsletter, we published my latest article talking about engaging experiences found in an unlikely place: a newspaper web site. Yet, this isn’t just any newspaper web site, it’s the New York Times. The engaging experiences are interactive calculators, maps, and data visualization tools. I’ll admit it right up front: […]

UIEtips Article: Taking the Netflix Experience to a New Level — An Interview with Sean Kane

If you had a chance to build your user experience design team from scratch, what would you do? Where would you focus your resources? What would you do first? That’s exactly the situation that our friend and second-time Web App Summit presenter, Sean Kane, now finds himself in. Sean recently left Netflix to be the […]

UIEtips Article: Five Usability Challenges of Web-Based Applications

Over the past few years, we’ve been studying the emergence of web-based applications and the usability and design challenges that accompany bringing them to light. We’ve also been concerned with the best practices for overcoming these issues to create web apps that actually delight users. During this time, we’ve been asking ourselves, “Are these best […]

Announcing Web App Summit 2008

I’m pleased to announce the return of our Web App Summit sell-out program.

We’re holding the Summit in Coronado, CA on March 26 – 28, 2008. We’ve got a great line-up of presenters, including Andrew DeVigal, Steve Duenes, Derek Featherstone, Kim Goodwin, Sean Kane, Jeremy Keith, Steve Mulder, Leisa Reichelt, D. Keith Robinson, Bill Scott, Luke Wroblewski, and Indi Young. Jared Spool will also be presenting UIE’s latest research on web app design.

This 8GB red Limited Edition Web App Summit 2008 iPod nano could be yours!

Register by December 11th and get your own limited-edition Web App Summit 2008 iPod nano.

Podcast: Christian Rohrer – eBay’s Transactions on a Massive Scale

In this audio recording from January’s UIE Web App Summit, eBay’s Christian Rohrer provides a peek behind the curtain at eBay’s User Experience (UX) process.

Conference Review: UIE Web App Summit 2007

Pabini Gabriel-Petit, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief at UXmatters, just released a fantastic 3-part review of our recent UIE Web App Summit in Monterey, CA. She provides an in-depth look at how we organized the event, from the speakers we invited and the content they covered, to the proceedings we gave away and the venue we chose. […]

UIEtips Article: Taking Time to Tour

UIEtips 1/12/07: Taking Time to Tour The practice of designing web applications is so new to us that a formalized method for studying these works is nonexistent. In order to educate ourselves, we must take tours of various web apps to find out what does and does not work. Jared Spool explores why we should take the time to tour web applications, what web applications we should tour, what we should be looking for, and what we can do with the information we gather.

Flickr Trivia from Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake

“George Oates [a Flickr employee] and I would spend 24 hours, seven days a week, greeting every single person who came to the site. We introduced them to people, we chatted with them. This is a social product. People are putting things they love–photographs of their whole lives–into it. All of these people are your potential evangelists. You need to show those people love.”

SvN: Netflix Nails the Customer Experience

Matt Linderman at Signal vs. Noise wrote about how Netflix “nails the customer experience” in everything they do.

Podcast: David Malouf on “What is Rich? Why Do Rich?” from UI11

BSAL #7: UI11 Presentation: What is Rich? Why Do Rich? by David Malouf

In this presentation, David Malouf moves beyond the usual story of patterns, code, and tips and tricks, and talk more about aesthetics, experience design, brand, and total environmental context of use. He layers those elements over a discussion around trying to define “richness” in the context of general application design and then try to apply it to a continuum of various types of computer and network based solutions.