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SpoolCast: Steve Portigal’s Deep Dive Interviewing Tips Revisited

We tell our clients this constantly: the organizations who are most successful are the ones who are on intimate terms with how and why their customers use their product. But how? To answer that question, we invited our friend Steve Portigal to host a UIE Virtual Seminar recently on the topic of interviewing. In this podcast we revisit the topic and answer several remaining questions from his seminar.

The Art of Asking the Question

The topic of our next UIE Virtual Seminar is so important, and no one talks about it. On Thursday, January 28, Steve Portigal will deliver his talk: Deep Dive Interviewing Secrets: Making Sure You Don’t Leave Key Information Behind. (Oh, and by the way, our last event sold out, so you’ll want to Register your […]

Moving to Support Downstream Users

Many of our clients are in the business of designing tools for their users to build great things for a wider audience. These range from mapping tools to pattern libraries. Naturally, our clients’ teams start by focusing on their direct audience. They look to make the best experience for these folks, to make creations come […]

UIE Virtual Seminar – The Quick, the Cheap, and the Insightful: Conducting Usability Tests in the Wild

UIE Virtual Seminar – The Quick, the Cheap, and the Insightful: Conducting Usability Tests in the Wild With Dana Chisnell of Usabilityworks Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 Time: 1pm ET It’s not clear when “quick and dirty” became a dirty phrase in the usability world. There are those that believe that testing must be scientific, […]

Usability Tools Podcast: Successful Web App Usability Techniques, Part 2

In this week’s podcast, Brian Christiansen and I continue exploring usability techniques for web-based applications.
This week, we explore the usability technique toolbox, focusing on those methods that help us with web-based applications.

Usability Tools Podcast: Statistical Significance

Statistical significance revolves around having enough participants to make your findings valid. However, the number of participants necessary can vary widely, depending on what you’re studying and how. Join us for a podcast that will help you understand how to make this determination for your projects.

Study Participant Playing Cards

Using player cards as visual reminders of your personas and the people you met during field studies is a great way to help keep your users at the forefront of your design team’s thoughts. Here’s a rough guide on how to create them.

Where to Get Transcriptions

A number of our customers and podcast listeners ask us where we get our audio transcriptions done. We are using CastingWords, a company who takes a very Web 2.0 angle on producing transcripts.

SpoolCast: An Interview with Kate Gomoll on Field Studies

Kate Gomoll is president and founder of Gomoll Research & Design. Back in March, we hosted Kate for a UIE Virtual Seminar on Field Studies, and recorded a followup podcast. We thought Kate’s insights were so useful that we’ve decided to share them with all of our SpoolCast listeners.

UIEtips Article: Field Research Fundamentals: An Interview with Kate Gomoll

UIEtips 6/05/07: Field Research Fundamentals: An Interview with Kate Gomoll UIE’s Ashley McKee has conducted an excellent interview with Kate Gomoll, a recognized Field Research expert. In the interview, Kate shares how she and her team at Gomoll Research & Design conduct field studies.