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UIEtips: 8 Things You Need to Know About Taxonomy, Metadata and Information Architecture in SharePoint

In today’s UIEtips, Jeff Carr and Seth Earley discuss eight important things to keep in mind concerning taxonomy, metadata, and IA when using SharePoint. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Only after we have designed and constructed a solid foundation with respect to the organizing principles of our information can we consider how it is […]

UIE Tips: 4 Tricks To Quick Intranet UX Improvements

It sucks when an employee tells you how frustrating the new intranet system is that they went home crying and didnʼt want to come to work. The systems we build shouldnʼt becausing anxiety attacks in our co-workers. Yet thatʼs exactly what happened in one company. As a result of a merger, they swapped in a […]

Bringing Order to Your Intranet – An April 4 UIE Virtual Seminar

Over time, intranets can become beastly things. Yes, the very intranet that was supposed to provide a great one-stop-shop for all information has now become a confusing jumble of pages that lack findability, ownership, and currency. On April 4, James Robertson will show you the two fundamental questions you’ll need to answer before untangling your […]

UIEtips: Making Sense of Mobile Within the Enterprise

It’s not surprising that employees are looking to access company intranets on mobile devices. After all, the growth of mobile devices and applications is staggering. From executives to associates, more people are using smart phones, tablets, and BYOD (bring your own device), to share documents, update data, and retrieve files within their organization. In today’s […]

James Robertson – Innovative Mobile Intranet Design

With mobile, you simply can’t have as much content on your pages as you do on the desktop. Intranet access within enterprises is crucial and accessing it with mobile devices is beneficial. However, the vast amount of pages and content is cumbersome and impractical for a mobile setting. James Robertson asks, what are the few essential things users need while they are away from their desks?