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UIEtips: Execution is Everything

There are thousands of good ideas thrown about daily, but to execute just one good idea takes considerable effort. It requires that a team stays focused and in tune with the goal. It requires a system for execution – OKRs. That’s what Christina Wodtke brings in this week’s article. After we first heard Christina talk […]

KPIs are Metrics, but Not All Metrics are KPIs

Thanks to Marco Dini for translating this post to Italian. “What are some good KPIs I should use to measure our UX?” This is a question that comes in quite frequently and, at its heart, it shows that they are confused about what a KPI is. A KPI is a Key Performance Indicator. It’s a […]

UIEtips: Unleashing the Power of a UX KPI

Measuring is easy, but KPIs are hard. There are a ton of things we can measure about our designs. We can measure the users’ satisfaction. We can measure whether they complete tasks we assign them. We can measure how many instances of the letter ‘e’ appear on the page. All of these measures tell us […]