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The Choice of Two Teams

[Continuing on the theme of designers who can code.] If you’re a designer, imagine you had a chance to work with two development teams. Team 1: One team has top-notch developers who know virtually nothing about design. They can code miracles, but the designs of their applications are horrible and frustrating to use. And they […]

Day 1: Seattle Web App Masters Tour

Well, we’ve just wrapped up the first day of the UIE Web App Masters Tour stop in Seattle. What a day! Blogger Pam Rodriguez has done a tremendous job summarizing the first day’s sessions. You can read them here: My talk: Mobilism & UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm Bill Scott’s talk: Designing […]

What Makes The Most Valuable UX Person In The World?

At this year’s IA Summit in Denver, I’m giving a presentation on measuring the value a UX person delivers, which I’ve called, The Most Valuable UX Person In The World. Borrowing liberally from the Dos Equis ads, I used this as the program description: The Most Valuable UX Person In The World She builds her […]

The Art of Asking the Question

The topic of our next UIE Virtual Seminar is so important, and no one talks about it. On Thursday, January 28, Steve Portigal will deliver his talk: Deep Dive Interviewing Secrets: Making Sure You Don’t Leave Key Information Behind. (Oh, and by the way, our last event sold out, so you’ll want to Register your […]

Two New Masters: Julie Zhuo & Christian Crumlish

Hot off the presses! We’ve just finalized two more Masters for the UIE Web App Masters Tour, Julie Zhuo and Christian Crumlish. We’re thrilled they can join us. Julie Zhuo The designers at Facebook try hard to make Facebook users happy. It’s a hard-to-please audience, and there’s 350 million of them. As Facebook’s Product Design […]

Usability Testing: Do You Have the Right People In the Room?

In our next UIE Virtual Seminar, Recruiting for Usability Testing on Wednesday, September 30, usability testing expert Dana Chisnell shows you how to maximize your time and money on the right participants to get the right results.   User experience research lives or dies by the appropriateness of the participants in the study. UX researchers just […]

UIEtips Article: Assessing Your Team’s UX Skills

You may have noticed that the last two UIEtips articles concentrated on UX teams. The first article was on Building and Managing a Successful UX Team. The second article was Five Techniques for Getting Buy-In for Usability Testing. Following the rule of three principal, I’m focusing this next article, once again, on the UX team. Today’s article goes back to […]

Upgrading Your UX Team, with Sarah Bloomer

Carrying the User Experience flag through your organization can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a UX-Team-of-One or manage a 20-person Experience Design team, our research shows that organizations are varied in their readiness to accept and act upon this idea of User Experience Design. To pull off successful design, regardless of where your organization […]

UIEtips: Our Top Articles on Experience Design – Part 2

How does your design team’s vision, feedback, and culture affect the experience design you strive to create? How do your team’s great designs get delivered to your development team? How does your organization deal with major design changes? What’s your design decision style? All these questions are addressed in the conclusion of our series on top articles on Experience Design. […]

Free Download: Is IT Ready for Experience Design?

Earlier this year, Carolyn Snyder and the good folks at the Cutter Consortium asked me to write an article for the Cutter IT Journal. Several weeks later, I submitted Is IT Ready for Experience Design? I wrote this essay for IT managers and CIOs looking to understand what it means to create great experiences for […]