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UIEtips: Equalizing Opinions – Two Simple Tricks for Meeting Facilitators

Meetings, especially kickoff meetings, can be tricky to organize. You bring together a group of folks, often from all over the organization, who frequently don’t work together. If you’re an outsider to the group, like I often am, there may be a lot of dynamics that you’re not aware of. The goal is to get […]

UIEtips: Part 2 – Kick Ass Kickoff Meetings

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. That holds true for your kickoff of that new project. How can you ensure your team members and stakeholders leave that kickoff meeting excited and inspired? On Monday, we published part 1 of an article by Kevin Hoffman, Kick Ass Kickoff […]

Hands v. Brains: An Attempt to Clear Up Some Confusion

Recently Johnny Holland published two of my essays on a distinction I call Hands vs. Brains. (You can read part 1 & part 2.) My thinking about Hands and Brains have come from a distinction between, in my mind, contracting and consulting work. We get a ton of calls at UIE to help people with […]

Web App Masters: When Worlds Collide

What are the ingredients that drive teams to deliver consistently good experiences? Does the company size, business processes, organizational management, or executive management have anything to do with it? For the past 10 years, Jared Spool and our research team at User Interface Engineering studied the secrets behind successful teams and the factors driving their […]

The Art of Asking the Question

The topic of our next UIE Virtual Seminar is so important, and no one talks about it. On Thursday, January 28, Steve Portigal will deliver his talk: Deep Dive Interviewing Secrets: Making Sure You Don’t Leave Key Information Behind. (Oh, and by the way, our last event sold out, so you’ll want to Register your […]

The 2010 UIE Virtual Seminar Schedule

This is your chance to save up to 50% plus lifetime access to the virtual seminars offered during your subscription period. We’re wrapping up 2009 and kicking off 2010 with stellar insights from some of the best speakers in the user experience design community. You choose the program that works best for you. Choose a 3-Month Subscription or a 6-Month Subscription. Sign-up Once. Pay Once. Lifetime Access.

SpoolCast: Innovation Beyond the Buzzword

How can you bring real innovation into your projects? That’s what I asked Scott Berkun when we spoke earlier this month. Scott has a lot of great ideas for your team from his years of research into the habits of highly innovative teams. In addition to this interview, Scott will be presenting at our User Interface Conference in November.

Why Designers and Developers Need Couples Therapy – July 30 UIE Virtual Seminar with Ethan Marcotte

We often use a conveyor belt method to manage products. Designers do their work up front, then “hand off” their creation expecting it can be built and won’t change. Then the Developers need to create something they’ve previously had little involvement with. It’s critical that these transition phases be a two-way channel, and not the […]

UIEtips Article: Assessing Your Team’s UX Skills

You may have noticed that the last two UIEtips articles concentrated on UX teams. The first article was on Building and Managing a Successful UX Team. The second article was Five Techniques for Getting Buy-In for Usability Testing. Following the rule of three principal, I’m focusing this next article, once again, on the UX team. Today’s article goes back to […]

UIEtips: Building and Managing a Successful User Experience Team

UIEtips 7/11/06: Building and Managing a Successful User Experience Team

UIE’s Christine Perfetti recently interviewed Sarah Bloomer and Susan Wolfe, two premier User Experience experts, to discuss how organizations can make their UX practices a success.