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Writing Web Content that Works – An Upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar with Ginny Redish

UIE’s Virtual Seminar on February 11 is sure to be a special treat for you.  Ginny Redish, author of the book Letting Go of the Words, will talk with us about Writing Web Content that Works. We love Ginny’s book and recommend it to all of our clients. This is going to be a great […]

UIEtips Article: The Problem of Dirty Data

UIEtips 5/03/07: The Problem of Dirty Data Gerry McGovern explains how many organizations fail to focus on what’s most important to a site’s success: the site’s ability to help users complete key tasks.

The Value of Recognition

Ashley McKee points out a few simple ways to create loyal customers.

Interactive Marketing

Ashley McKee looks at an article by Seth Godin that points out the benefits of interactive marketing.

Branding and the “Hey” Phenomenon

“Made to Stick” authors Chip and Dan Heath touch upon a common mistake we see in our work: When design teams focus on satisfying the needs of everyone, they often fail to entice the people who actually matter, the target audience.

Engaging Your Audience

Over at Creating Passionate Users, Kathy Sierra recently wrote about how a little bit of innovation can go a long way when growing a user community to enhance your brand and the content on your site. Every time I give a talk, someone always asks, “That’s all good and nice that helping users learn is […]

The Difference Between Usability and User Experience

… If the online portion was the only thing involved, our customer would’ve been delighted with the results and likely shopped again. Because of the total user experience, she’ll likely resist shopping with the brand again.

In this organization’s case, the usability of the site involves only those people who directly influence the design of the site. However, to create a pleasurable user experience, we now have to involve people from all over the organization, including those people dictating how the store operations are designed and implemented. …

In-N-Out Burger: No Buns about Good Business

I first discovered In-N-Out Burger during a trip to Las Vegas last March. How I went so many years without knowing the joys of that place is beyond me. My friend brought me to the In-N-Out on Dean Martin Drive, and we waited a good 20 minutes in line just to get up to the […]

UI11: Landing Pages that Fail to Deliver on Promise

There’s a saying that “Every kiss is a promise”. Every time you kiss someone, you’re setting some expectation for the future. You’re together…and you’re dating/going out/seeing each other (or whatever they’re calling it nowadays). It’s kind of like a girl wearing a boy’s varsity jacket: everyone knows that those two are an “item”, as my mother would say…

Yahoo Wants You Off Their Homepage

Josh gets an interesting message while visiting the Yahoo homepage, where they ask him to search from his browser instead. What, if any, are the results of this? Won’t people be exposed to fewer Yahoo services?