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UIE’s Podcasts for Your Weekend

We’re happy to announce UIE’s Podcasts for Your Weekend. Every week, we will send an email to our UIE Tips Newsletter subscribers with two timely, featured podcasts for your listening pleasure. How do you join UIE Tips you ask? Simply sign up for free. Happy weekend.

Blog and Podcasting Update

Things may be a little out of sync around the blog, especially regarding our podcasts, for the next day or so.

UIE Podcasts: Web App Expert Interviews – Part 2

Last week in part 1 of our series, I brought you 5 great podcasts covering Ajax and accessibility, patterns and components, web form design, web standards, and interactive prototyping.  In part 2, we have new topics to muse over. Are you building out a web 2.0 strategy? Having trouble communicating and documenting the design process? How do you tie […]

Web App Expert Interviews – Part 1

Do you prototype your web app projects? Can Ajax techniques really improve accessibility? Do you wonder how components and patterns stack up to style guides and which is more efficient to use? The answer to these questions, and many more, are in a series of podcast interviews I did with web app experts. Twitter has been abuzz over these […]

Brian Hochhalter on My Interview With Dan Brown

Over at From Chaos, Brian Hochhalter wrote a very thoughtful review of the interview I did with Dan Brown: Growing documents Brown begins by suggesting that designers start documents with a basic nucleus of necessary information then adding detail in layers. He also put forward the idea that ideal documentation should be able to give […]

UIE Podcasts with Web App Experts

Web-based application development is a field in flux. With new advances in interaction technologies, social media, and fast-paced design, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we’ve put together a series of podcasts with some of the experts in the field: Dan Brown, Molly Holzshlag, Steve Mulder, Riccardo LaRosa, and Nathan Curtis. In […]

UIEtips Articles: Best Articles and Podcasts of 2008

To wrap up this year, we’re revisting some of our best articles and podcast from 2008. Out of the 29 articles that we published this year, we’ve decided on five that we think had the most impact and really got people thinking. Even if some readers didn’t agree with our conclusions, it started a discussion […]

Preparing to Attend UI13: The Attendees Podcast

Folks, it’s just about that time… if it’s fall in New England, it must be the User Interface Conference. We are now in our thirteenth year of bringing together all walks of user experience and usability folks together from around the world. This year, we thought we give our attendees a special UI13 advice podcast. […]

Manager-Tools: Sharing Your References

From a user experience professional perspective, the current economy has a weird convergence happening: Because of the economic downturn (due to the rising fuel costs and mortgage market crisis), some companies are laying off and some are disappearing outright. Because executives understand the competitive value of creating great experiences, user experience professionals are in great […]

Our Podcast Theme Music

One of the most common questions we get in regard to our popular podcasts is, “What’s that catchy intro music?” Today, I thought I’d share. SpoolCast: Mocean Worker – Right Now SpoolCast Crew: Cal Tjader – Soul Sauce Josh and Jared Show: Medeski Martin & Wood – End of the World Party Usability Tools Podcasts: […]