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UIEtips: Explore These 7 Great Podcasts from 2014

Here, for your listening pleasure, are a few of our favorite podcasts from 2014 in no particular order. Creating Responsive Interfaces As responsive web design becomes common practice, making sure these templates work across every imaginable screen and device is trickier. Brad Frost shares this frustration and introduces Atomic Design as a solution. Borrowing from […]

Dispelling the Myths About Innovation

Scott Berkun knows that exceptional designers aren’t just creative thinkers; they also work to understand the business and people around them. They are able to do this because they know how to invent ideas, develop them, and then persuade others to get on board. Scott works hard at dispelling the myths about innovation and showing […]

UIEtips: Good Design Faster – An Interview with Brandon Schauer

At times, getting a team to produce good ideas is like pulling teeth. You try to inspire, create, promote, even cajole people to dream up great design ideas. Some times it works. Other times you’re sitting around a conference table feeling clueless. That’s not the case when you bring Adapative Path’s CEO, Brandon Schauer into […]

UIEtips: Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers

One of the benefits of attending a live virtual seminar is that attendees get to ask our expert presenters questions during the seminar. There always seems to be more questions than we have time for so we schedule a podcast recording with the expert to address these unanswered questions. One such podcast interview was with […]

The Most Popular Podcasts of 2010 – Part 2

In part 2 of our two-part series, we focus on three more of our most popular podcasts of 2011. (Did you miss part 1? No problem, you can still get a run-down on part 1.) One podcast is an interview with web form guru Luke Wroblewski. Another podcast is an excerpt for one of the […]

The Most Popular UIE Podcasts of 2010 – Part 1

We know that people have a preference when it comes to learning environments. Some like to learn by reading about the subject matter. Others prefer an in-person environment. And some would rather listen to audio recordings. We try hard to accommodate all these learning environments for you. There are the articles we publish on our […]

UIEtips: Interviews with 2 UX Experts

You’re in the middle of your workout. Working up a good sweat, listening to music, zoning out, when it suddenly hits you (sort of like the V-8 commercials), you could have been listening to a Spoolcast interview with an accomplished UX expert. Why not workout your brain too? Regularly, we produce podcast interviews from UX […]

UIEtips: Part 3 – Interviews with Web App Masters, Jason Fried and Luke Wroblewski

In Part 3 of the interview series with Web App Masters, we bring in well respected heavy hitters, Jason Fried and Luke Wroblewski. Wait till you hear what they have to say. If you missed part 1 and 2, here’s a recap.  Part 1 featured Julie Zhuo of Facebook. She shared how Facebook handles design […]

UIEtips: UIE’s Top Podcasts of 2009

Last week in UIEtips, we revisited some of our favorite articles from 2009. Now we’re turning our attention to our top podcasts of 2009. This past year we produced some outstanding podcasts covering a range of topics with several invited experts. We’ve selected our favorite podcasts that we feel strongly benefits anyone who works in […]