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Userability #13 – Renaissance Man

This week we have our longest, and certainly one of our most interesting episodes to date. Jared and Robert met Joshua Muskovitz on the IxDA discussion list when Josh posted an innocent-enough question to the list: what do you call someone who sits squarely on the fence between interaction design and implementation? How do I market myself while job hunting when I have been in the industry so long that I have a really broad range of skills?

Userability #12 – Hot Link Placement

This week a Tatum Dutile asks how many links should one have on a single page that all point to the same content?

Userability #11 – The Most Influential Books in UX

This week a question from one of the world’s most well-read cities fittingly enquires about the must-read books in design. Damon Dimmock asks Jared and Robert to recommend their top three books on design.

Userability #10 – Live from VTM09: Personas and iPhone Apps

A special episode recorded live from Voices That Matter 2009 conference, with two audience questions!

Userability #9 – When is it “Usable Enough?”

This week, Will Evans asks Jared and Robert: when do you know your project is “useable-enough”?

Userability Podcasts: The Most Entertaining 12 Minutes in UX

Back in February we introduced a new podcast series – the Userability Show. We think they’re some of the most entertaining and educational podcasts available on UX. Since it’s inception, we’ve answered questions ranging from design exploration, career changes from coding to interface design and usability, and the most common UIs that confuse or impede the average user. Robert Hoekman […]

Userability #8 – The Case of Multiple Link Types

This week’s episode features a shadowy UI Designer from a secretive organization located somewhere in Texas. He asks, “how should you style links that trigger different types of interactions?”

SpoolCast: Follow-up Podcast for New Ways to Think About Your Taxonomy

Seth Earley & Stephanie Lemieux answer questions about their recent UIE Virtual Seminar on Taxonomy.

Userability #7 — The Strain of Relationships

This week’s guest Dana asks Jared and Robert, “What can I do to court favor with design teams to let them know that I, as the usability consultant, am not just an enforcer, but I’m on their side and that we can learn from one another?”

Userability Podcast #6 – 20 Years, No Improvement?

This week’s episode features a surprise guest for Jared and Robert. Actually, every guest is a surprise, but this one is a surprise and an ambush by a friend of UIE, the always entertaining Scott Berkun. Scott wanted to know, why twenty years beyond The Design of Everyday Things, why so many usability failures still abound?