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Prototyping Pro Tip: Practice With A New Tool By Redoing An Old Design

In the desire to expand your prototyping toolkit, you need to regularly try out new tools and techniques. Your goal is to have, at your disposal, as many different prototyping tools as possible. Maybe you want to learn a new software tool? Maybe you’re interested in practicing your whiteboard sketching skills or play with paper […]

A focus on critical details: The thinking behind UX Immersion’s Full-Day Workshop Format

A lot of folks don’t know this, but we start planning for each UIE conference about eighteen months in advance. This year’s new event, UX Immersion was no different. With this new program, we’re trying to fill a huge unmet need: How do we bring today’s UX Professionals to a new level of producing great […]

What Would Practicing to Warm Up Look Like For A UX Professional?

In my recent article on how UX professionals can practice to improve their skills, I left out an important type: Practice to Warm Up Many professional writers, before sitting down for the day to write their master works, will just bang out 750 words of no consequence, an activity called pre-writing. (Merlin Mann refers to […]