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UIEtips: Ideal UX Team Makeup – Specialists, Generalists, or Compartmentalists

The User Experience world is filled with many disciplines: information architecture, user researcher, interaction design, copywriting, and visual design — to name just a few. Each of these disciplines have a rich history, a deep knowledge base, and an extensive tool set. Each takes a lifetime to master. While the successful team needs all of […]

Browser Compatibility: Asked & Answered

A client wrote in and asked a question that I didn’t know the answer to, so I posted it to the twitter: Where would you send a client looking for an article on designing for different browsers and conducting browser-compatibility testing? One of the downsides of being a researcher and never actually doing the hard […]

Group Activities to Demonstrate Usability and Design

Over at the IxDA Discussion List, Benjamin Ho asked about activities he could use at the end of a presentation he was giving at his company’s annual user conference. I got thinking about different exercises we use when we’re training and thought this was a good time to share some of them. Activity Option #1: […]

UIE Virtual Seminar – The Quick, the Cheap, and the Insightful: Conducting Usability Tests in the Wild

UIE Virtual Seminar – The Quick, the Cheap, and the Insightful: Conducting Usability Tests in the Wild With Dana Chisnell of Usabilityworks Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 Time: 1pm ET It’s not clear when “quick and dirty” became a dirty phrase in the usability world. There are those that believe that testing must be scientific, […]

Manager-Tools: Sharing Your References

From a user experience professional perspective, the current economy has a weird convergence happening: Because of the economic downturn (due to the rising fuel costs and mortgage market crisis), some companies are laying off and some are disappearing outright. Because executives understand the competitive value of creating great experiences, user experience professionals are in great […]

Journal of Usability Studies Articles – Lacking in Usability

It’s been years since we’ve written about the Scent of Information and how to use trigger words in links to make them more usable. So, it shouldn’t be news or a surprise to anyone in the world of web site usability that having clear links that describe what the user will find after clicking is […]

HBR Article: Design Thinking by Tim Brown

In the corporate boardroom, Innovation has moved beyond the fad stage and has now become an enterprise mandate. Problem is, ordering your institution to innovate is akin to a gym teacher ordering the class to meditate. (“OK CLASS, TODAY WE’RE GOING TO MEDITATE. BEGIN. ONE. TWO. MEDITATE. THREE. FOUR. MEDITATE. SPOOL! YOU’RE NOT MEDITATING!” Is […]

Upcoming Presentations – May thru July 2008

My late spring / early summer isn’t as busy as the first 4 months of this year, but I’m still getting out and about. Here’s where we can meet up: May 2008 May 5-6, Chicago Web Design World/Chicago Web 2.0: The Power Behind the Hype – 5/5 10:15-11:15am Enhancing Experiences with AJAX, RIAs, and Browser-Side […]

IA Summit Keynote: Journey to the Center of Design

On April 12, I gave the keynote at the IA Summit. It was my second time keynoting this event and a real honor for me. The audience was great and it lead to some very interesting discussion, both at the conference and on blogs and discussion lists everywhere. I’ve posted the slides above and have […]

Usability Tools Podcast: Successful Web App Usability Techniques, Part 2

In this week’s podcast, Brian Christiansen and I continue exploring usability techniques for web-based applications.
This week, we explore the usability technique toolbox, focusing on those methods that help us with web-based applications.