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Jared Spool – The Secret Lives of Links

Websites are full of links. How useful these links are in helping users complete tasks is another story. Links have to guide users as they follow the scent of information. A vague or confusing link often leads users down a wrong path and in turn increases their rate of failure.

Task Success Rate – Is that the right way to judge a usability test?

Over at the Boxes and Arrows LinkedIn discussion group, Carrie asked: What is a good success rate for a usability test task? We just conducted user testing on a site map. So we have success rate percentages for each task. They range from 9% – 51% success (in up to 3 tries). Obviously there are […]

UIEtips: Classification Schemes — and When to Use Them

I often start a phone conversation with “Hi, this is Jared.” However, I never start an in-person conversation that way. It would just be weird to walk up to someone, look into their eyes, shake their hands, and say, “Hi, this is Jared.” More likely, I’d say “I’m Jared” or even just “Jared” with a […]

A Link Labeled “Products” (or “Solutions” or “Clients”) is a Bad Idea

The other day, I listened to a fascinating interview that John Jantsch conducted with Vanessa Fox, author of Marketing In The Age of Google. Listening to her, I got this idea about links like “Products”, which we see on a lot of corporate sites. Vanessa was talking about these words from an SEO perspective, explaining […]

UIEtips: The Right Trigger Words

“On a web site, the design is represented by two separate yet equally important components. The content users and the links they use. These are their stories.” Doink-Doink. Ok, really it’s just the story of the links. (We’ll talk about the content later, I promise.) About 10 years ago, we started looking at how users […]

Spoolcast: Search, Scent & the Happiness of Pursuit Followup

Last month we held a UIE Virtual Seminar where I presented my talk,
Search, Scent, and the Happiness of Pursuit. As always, we had a
number of excellent questions from the live audience that we
couldn’t attend to during the seminar, so, with a little help from
Adam Churchill, I recorded this podcast and cover a number of those
remaining questions.

UIEtips: Part 2 – Front End Concerns When Implementing Faceted Search

Back on August 6,  we brought you part 1 of Daniel Tunkelang’s article on Front End Concerns When Implementing Faceted Search. Daniel discussed where and when to present facets and organizing facets and facet values.   In today’s UIEtips, we continue with part 2. In this article, Daniel explores specific aspects of faceted search interfaces that raise front-end usability concerns […]

Wondering What UIE’s Research Says About Designing for Search?

There’s lots to say about Search and how to best design for it. Folks often reach out to our own Jared Spool for his thoughts and sage advice on Search. Want to know what he has to say? Jared will be presenting at our July 9 UIE Virtual Seminar – Search, Scent, and the Happiness […]

UIEtips article: Producing Great Search Results — Harder than It Looks, Part 2

Last week we re-published part 1 of Producing Great Search Results. As I mentioned last week, producing a great search results page takes a ton of hard design work. It’s critical to study the users’ goals and needs, and watch how the user interacts with the results the engine produces. In almost every instance, Search is not the user’s end […]

New Ways to Think about Taxonomy: The Role of Taxonomies in Your Organization

Our May 7 UIE Virtual Seminar is right around the corner.  If you are struggling with how to organize a vast amount of information for your users, then you’re not going to want to miss this UIE Virtual Seminar. UIE Virtual Seminar New Ways to Think about Taxonomy: The Role of Taxonomies in Your Organization […]