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UIEtips: Three Perils with Search Landing Pages

How is a search result like a thoughtful gift? The outcome exceeds the expectation. Ok, that’s kind of a lame riddle, but it’s accurate nonetheless. When we get a wrapped present, we hope the unwrapping will produce something that delights us. The same is true when clicking on a search result. We anticipate it will […]

Lou Rosenfeld – Beyond User Research Live!

UX professionals have made a lot of progress in large organizations. Companies realize the importance of connecting with their users more and more. User research is becoming firmly rooted in many organizations as companies try to produce better products and services for their users. But user research itself can be narrow in focus and full of biases. Lou Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld Media, suggests that by breaking down the silos that exist between other research practices, we can create a complementary research experience. This will produce even better analysis and therefore, better products as a whole.

UIEtips: Search as a Multi-channel Experience

Whether you’re looking to improve your lawn, buy a baby stroller, or figure out which new 60″ TV you want, it’s quite common to start with a search on the web. You read product reviews, reviews from other consumers, and use social media to ask others for opinions. Searching on the web is a pretty […]

SpoolCast: When Search Meets Web Usability Q&A with Shari Thurow

How do you bridge the gap between the search engine and your site? You want that transition to be as smooth and natural for your users as possible. Ideally, they would start with their search, arrive at your site and accomplish what they set out to. Often times, it doesn’t work out that easily. Shari Thurow offers techniques and tricks to satisfy the goals of your users.

UIE Book Club Today! Peter Morville’s Search Patterns

This is all very exciting. Our second UIE Book Club is almost upon us. I’m so excited you’ll be part of it. Join us today at 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, and 11am Pacific. (If you’re in Mountain Time, you’re definitely clever enough to figure out the pattern. Except for Arizona. Those folks mess me up […]

UIE Book Club: Peter Morville on Search Patterns

UIE Book Club: Peter Morville on Search Patterns December 6, 2010 2pm ET / 1pm CT / 11am PT Let’s talk about search! Earlier this year, Peter Morville and Jeffery Callender gave us their comprehensive book, Search Patterns. If you work on a web site or intranet where you want your users to find and […]

SpoolCast: SEO and User Experience in Harmony with Tamara Adlin and Vanessa Fox

SEO and User Experience shouldn’t be at odds with one another. That’s what Vanessa Fox and Tamara Adlin tell us in this week’s SpoolCast with Jared Spool.

SpoolCast: Mark Burrell’s Search Patterns Revisted

Today we’re revisiting search patterns by sharing the followup podcast Jared Spool recorded with Mark Burrell of Endeca. Jared and Mark discuss a few bonus questions from the previous Virtual Seminar. Included in the full post are a few highlights from the podcast.

UIEtips: Google, User Experience, & Thinking Beyond Conversion

Designers care about the user experience. Marketers are concerned with SEO and conversion. The reality is that both need to work hand-in-hand to make more relevant and persuasive content that turns into higher search rankings. How do you get everyone on the same page? Google comes to the rescue with their Quality Score. It’s an […]

UIEtips: Interviews with 2 UX Experts

You’re in the middle of your workout. Working up a good sweat, listening to music, zoning out, when it suddenly hits you (sort of like the V-8 commercials), you could have been listening to a Spoolcast interview with an accomplished UX expert. Why not workout your brain too? Regularly, we produce podcast interviews from UX […]