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UIEtips: 6 Tips for Organizing Sketched Artifacts

In this week’s UIEtips, Nathan Curtis shares 6 tips on storing and organizing sketches. Here’s an excerpt from the article Sketches enable us to quickly depict and share ideas with each other, but are also considered disposable. Sketches represent an intermittent state leading to something better, more refined. As artifacts, they are fleeting renditions of […]

Sketching for Understanding – A Special EightShapes Seminar with Nathan Curtis on 1/17

With collaborative sketching techniques to orient and unify teams, it’s no surprise that you are embracing sketches to explore design ideas earlier in a creative process. But what are your goals for sketching, and how do they translate to your organization or team? And what are some great techniques you can start using right now? […]

10 UX Virtual Seminars for Your Team – The 2013 Virtual Seminar Program!

During the first half of 2013, you’ll hear the latest thinking from the best speakers in the user experience design community. Get your team into all the live seminars from January-June, plus their recordings at the lowest price. You’ll save over 25% off the regular pricing. Sign-up Once. Pay Once. All live seminars January through […]

UIEtips: The Power of Sketches: How We Sold a Huge Project Shift with 5 Index Cards

In this week’s UIEtips, Nathan Curtis will share how he shifted the design direction of a large project with just 5 index cards. Here’s an excerpt from the article The concept was a dramatic shift from anything prototyped, discussed, or even sketched during the studio. It was safe to say: the client had never seen […]

UIEtips: Good Design Faster – An Interview with Brandon Schauer

At times, getting a team to produce good ideas is like pulling teeth. You try to inspire, create, promote, even cajole people to dream up great design ideas. Some times it works. Other times you’re sitting around a conference table feeling clueless. That’s not the case when you bring Adapative Path’s CEO, Brandon Schauer into […]

Dave Gray – Gamestorming Live!

Gamestorming can allow collaboration to happen. It quickly gets a lot of people working together, sharing ideas, and getting creative. Words may be tricky because you’re not certain if someone has interpreted what you’ve said the way you meant it. The beauty of Gamestorming is it gets people to think visually and physically express their thoughts and ideas on paper.

UIEtips: Why We Sketch

In our ongoing research into design excellence, we’ve come across an interesting correlation. The designers who are at the top of their game are mostly people who sketch. Even though every designer we talked with had completely different backgrounds, training, and work habits, they all shared one common element—they sketched their work. In addition, they […]

UI16 Spotlight: Kicking Off Projects Right with Kevin Hoffman

[We’re butt-deep in preparations for the User Interface 16 Conference. For my part, I get to work closely with the amazing speakers we’ve assembled, helping them construct their full-day workshops. Here’s the second part of my series introducing each of the UI16 experts.] So much of a project’s success is determined at its start. If […]

Unlocking The Portfolio Work Product

The other night, I had a conversation that I’ve been having a lot lately. It usually starts like this: “Hi. I’m a designer at [a big deal company] and I’m considering leaving. The problem I have is my employer has made it very clear I can’t use anything I’ve done here in my portfolio. What […]

UIEtips: Why We Sketch

One of my fondest childhood memories is traveling to New York City to see an exhibit filled with Leonardo daVinci’s notebooks. I remember staring, with awe, at the pages of sketches he’d created—solved problems that were years ahead of their time. These memories all came flooding back during a recent phase of our ongoing research […]