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Free Access to UI15 Recordings and Materials

Get all of the recordings and slide decks from last year’s User Interface 15 Conference for free. We’re celebrating this year’s User Interface 16 Conference’s fantastic program by giving everyone access to last year’s great show. The recordings and slide decks contain these great topics: Engaging team members in the design process Developing a content […]

Brandon Schauer – Getting to Good Design, Faster

Everybody strives to arrive at the end of a project with a great design. But often times the “brilliant idea” isn’t easy to communicate and takes a long time to develop. Brandon Schauer believes that you can develop techniques to help this communication, arriving at good design in shorter amounts of time. By putting your ideas on paper and post-its, and getting everyone participating, you create a collaborative environment that allows these ideas to grow and develop.

Steve Portigal – Immersive Field Research Techniques

You can’t ask people what they want. They can’t tell you. The answer is almost always narrow in focus, concerned with the here and now rather than the future. How do you get them to give you the observations you need to design what they will want? Conducting field research to actually learn about your users can lead to innovative new ideas. Steve knows that going out into the field provides real opportunities to see what the world surrounding your product is like.

Tying Agile & UX Together

Story mapping is a way of organizing Agile user stories that communicate user experience. Agile expert Jeff Patton will show you how this technique helps you put the big picture of UX and the little pictures of Agile in one place. Users will always have an experience with your product. Story mapping will pull your UX focus into the organization’s process and ensure that experience is a great one.

Do UX teams require new skills for Content Strategy, Service Design, or Lean UX?

Content Strategy, Service Design, and Lean UX. These are what I call special collections of skills. Let me explain. We’ve identified a bunch of skills that make up user experience design. These include the core skills: Interaction Design Information Architecture Visual Design User Research Information Design Design Process Management Copywriting Editing and Curation Then there […]

UIEtips: Developing a UX Practice of Practicing

There’s a great scene in the Meryl Streep film, Julie & Julia, where Streep, playing Julia Child, is standing in her kitchen, crying as she cuts up onions. Dozens of onions, in fact, for no other reason than to practice cutting onions. Chefs who want to be at the top of their game do this. […]

3 Reasons Why Learning To Code Makes You A Better Designer

[This topic has set off a firestorm of debate. That’s good. You can see my original post here. There have been thoughtful responses from Jennifer Tidwell, Hillel at Jackson Fish Market, Matt Nish-Lapidus, and Michael Angeles. This is my last post on the topic for a little while.] Not every job will require that a […]

UIEtips: Who Is on the UX Team

In almost every organization, design is a team activity. Yet how often do we sit down and discuss how the best teams work? To understand what it takes to create great designs, we’ve spent time with dozens of teams, some of whom are great at getting creative engaging designs out the door. And some that, […]

The Choice of Two Teams

[Continuing on the theme of designers who can code.] If you’re a designer, imagine you had a chance to work with two development teams. Team 1: One team has top-notch developers who know virtually nothing about design. They can code miracles, but the designs of their applications are horrible and frustrating to use. And they […]

Convincing Your Boss to Invest in You

Go ahead. Ask the Question. You’re eager to attend the Web App Masters Tour. You know you’ll put into practice the insights that Jared Spool, Luke Wroblewski and Josh Clark share on mobile design. Your brain will be full of ideas from Stephen Anderson and Noah Iliinsky’s take on data visualization. The tips and techniques […]