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UIEtips: Failure Is Not an Option — It’s a Requirement

One of the many highlights of our recent UI13 conference was Scott Berkun’s Why Designers Fail and What to Do About It presentation. It generated a tremendous amount of buzz on the topic of how we can learn from our failures. Interestingly, the theme of how to learn from failure was pervasive throughout the conference. […]

HBR Article: Design Thinking by Tim Brown

In the corporate boardroom, Innovation has moved beyond the fad stage and has now become an enterprise mandate. Problem is, ordering your institution to innovate is akin to a gym teacher ordering the class to meditate. (“OK CLASS, TODAY WE’RE GOING TO MEDITATE. BEGIN. ONE. TWO. MEDITATE. THREE. FOUR. MEDITATE. SPOOL! YOU’RE NOT MEDITATING!” Is […]

UIEtips article: Can I Trust You? How Anticipating Problems Can Help Your Brand

Every year, I ask each of my graduate students to interview four of their friends, finding what brands they love and what brands they really despise and the reasons for their feelings. These students, being engineers, all go into the experiment thinking that people will either love or hate the products made by the brands. […]

SpoolCast: An Interview with Cameron Moll

Like many of us, Cameron Moll works in a large, complex organization. This means managing design decisions and wrestling (often inflexible) enterprise technology. He talked to me about how he has integrated his real-world experiences into his UI12 tutorial and how he is working on bringing elegance and great function to his complex work projects.

Cameron Moll’s Highly Extensible Interface

Our friend Cameron Moll has an outline and video preview of his upcoming UI12 Full-day tutorial up on his blog. Cameron works for the LDS Church and has assembled a lot of real-world examples of web design in a large organization. Cameron oversees the creation of highly flexible interfaces that can be repurposed as needed […]

SpoolCast: Patrick Hofmann interviewed by Jared Spool at UPA Austin

Jared Interviews Patrick Hofmann at UPA 2007 Austin and gets his insight on internationalization, visual communication, and getting writers and engineers to express themselves visually.

Comic Success at Capstrat

Ashley McKee shares an article written by Rebekah Sedaca, a user experience designer at Capstrat, who details how she uses comics in her own design processes.

Podcast: Flickr: How a Bright Star Changed the World of Web Applications with Peter Merholz and Jared Spool

In this audio recording from January’s UIE Web App Summit, Adaptive Path’s Peter Merholz and UIE’s Jared Spool lead an entertaining discussion about the magic behind the scenes at Web 2.0 star Flickr.

Usability 2.0 Flashback

If you missed the WebGuild’s Usability 2.0 event in April, have no fear: the entire video is available and there’s a great followup blog interview with Luke Wroblewski available.

Sharing SharePoint

Our friend Cameron Moll offers some advice on getting the most out of SharePoint, with semantic code and CSS styling. He’s done some heavy lifting so you don’t have to.