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The missing skill: Creating UI Mockups

I bet you can tell I’m cleaning out my inbox. Jen wrote: I enjoyed your December 10th article, on assessing UX skills, so I sent it around to my colleagues. It was favorably received, but the folks on the alias found that one core skill was missing: the creation of UI mockups, particularly interactive mockups. […]

Great writeup of our Building Robust Personas Virtual Seminar

Bruce McCarthy offers this great writeup of our recent Virtual Seminar on Building Robust Personas. A while back I wrote a piece about personas where I talked it about why it’s a bad idea to base your personas on a single real individual. Using a real person as a substitute persona might seem like a […]

A Few Followup Questions from the Building Robust Personas Seminar

Yesterday, I gave my Virtual Seminar on Building Robust Personas in 30 Days or Less. If you missed it, you can watch it on demand. The session went well, but we ran tight on time and I didn’t get to all the great questions. Brian and I were just talking and we’re planning a followup […]

Personas vs. User Descriptions; Apples vs. Tomatoes

The always intriguing Christopher Fahey commented on yesterday’s post about Crappy Personas vs. Robust Personas: Personas provide a fabulous way for people who understand their audience/users to communicate their understanding to people who do not understand that audience in a rapid and meaningful way. They are also a great way for people who have different […]

Crappy Personas vs. Robust Personas

There’s been a lot of discussion lately on the Interwebs about how personas are a useless tool. 37Signals’ Jason Fried recently wrote: We don’t use personas. We use ourselves. I believe personas lead to a false sense of understanding at the deepest, most critical levels. Every product we build is a product we build for […]

KJ Analysis is Sweeping The Company!

A while back, I wrote about a question our friend Cheryl had about the KJ technique. Recently, Cheryl got back to me about her company’s reaction: A few months back you kindly responded to my inquiry about facilitating a KJ Analysis session. The team did a great job and I was relieved as a couple […]

Usability Tools Podcast: Interview-Based Tasks for Usability Testing

In usability tests where we incorporate interview-based tasks, the participants interests are discovered, not assigned. Unlike traditional task design methods, the test facilitator and participant negotiate the tasks during the tests, instead of proceeding down a list of predefined tasks. There are many situations where this is the appropriate way to test a product.

UIEtips Article: The Power of Comics for Understanding User Needs

UIEtips 9/27/07: The Power of Comics for Understanding User Needs As designs and product visions become more complex, there is an increasing need to find ways that effectively convey just how people will use the product and integrate it into their lives. Recently, more and more organizations and design teams have turned to comics to […]

More on Usability Tests with 30 Observers

We’ve had some great comments on my post, Usability Tests with 30 Observers. Here are my responses.

Usability Tools Podcast: Inherent Value Tests

This week, Christine Perfetti asks Jared Spool about one of UIE’s most valuable usability testing techniques, Inherent Value Tests. Inherent Value Testing gives the team important information about how well a web site communicates the inherent value the designers are putting into the site.