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9/27 Virtual Seminar: Design and Usability Under Impossible Pressure presented by Larry Constantine

I’m very excited about our upcoming Virtual Seminar presented by my good friend, Larry Constantine. If your team is facing an aggressive deadline for your web site or product launch and you don’t have the time or resources to conduct in-depth user research, you’ll want to gather everyone around for Larry’s presentation on September 27th. […]

Usability Tests with 30 Observers

Because there’s a large number of design agents and stake holders involved and often a small number of available tests to observe, we can find ourselves in a situation where we need to have many observers in one session. It’s not unusual to have 30 or more observers sitting in a single usability test. Here’s how we pull it off.

UIEtips Article: 5-Second Tests — Measuring Your Site’s Content Pages

UIEtips 9/11/07: 5-Second Tests: Measuring Your Site’s Content Pages It’s hard enough creating usable designs when there is ample time and plenty of resources, but what do you do when that’s just not an option for your design team? One of the most common reasons designs fail users is because the design team didn’t have […]

Usability Tools Podcast: 5-Second Usability Tests

This week, Christine and Jared discuss the genesis and value of five-second usability tests.

UIEtips Article: Making Personas Work for Your Web Site — An Interview with Steve Mulder

Jared M. Spool recently had the chance to talk with Steve Mulder about how to create effective personas based on user research as well as valuable tips for convincing your organization to adopt personas into the design process.

Resolving Group Name Differences in a KJ Analysis

We’re big fans of the KJ Technique, a method that helps teams rank the important issues for a focus question, such as “What are the most important usability problems we need to fix in this version of the design?” or “Which user populations are most important to our business?” In the method, teams brainstorm on […]

UIEtips Article: Five Survival Techniques for Creating Usable Products

UIEtips 8/21/07: Five Survival Techniques for Creating Usable Products At User Interface Engineering, we’ve spent two decades researching the usability and design techniques employed by both successful and unsuccessful development teams. We’ve focused our research agenda on identifying the key techniques successful teams utilize to consistently produce usable products on time and within budget. Because […]

Study Participant Playing Cards

Using player cards as visual reminders of your personas and the people you met during field studies is a great way to help keep your users at the forefront of your design team’s thoughts. Here’s a rough guide on how to create them.

Qualitative Research

Ashley McKee points out a series of articles by Leisa Reichelt that discuss accepting the unscientific qualities of qualitative research, and using qualitative research as a flexible way to gather rich and insightful information about your intended audience.’s Interview with Larry Constantine

Ashley McKee shares an interview conducted with Larry Constantine, Chief Scientist at Constantine & Lockwood, and speaker at this year’s UI12 Conference.