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Designing for Sophisticated Systems—A March 10 UX Virtual Symposium

In this three-part online symposium, Designing for Sophisticated Systems, Stephen Anderson, Karl Fast, and Chris Noessel give you timeless strategies to the table for dealing with complex information, whether you are designing visual models, user interactions, or offloading tasks to an Agentive Technology. These three approaches are grounded in concepts that you can apply to your work […]

UIETips: The Top 20 Data Visualization Tools

In this article, Brian Suda dives into 20 different tools for creating simple to complex visualizations. Part of making great visualizations is lots of practice. But you also have to think about the life of your visualizations, which tool is best to address your need, and where coding can save some time. Brian covers all […]

3 Reasons Why Learning To Code Makes You A Better Designer

[This topic has set off a firestorm of debate. That’s good. You can see my original post here. There have been thoughtful responses from Jennifer Tidwell, Hillel at Jackson Fish Market, Matt Nish-Lapidus, and Michael Angeles. This is my last post on the topic for a little while.] Not every job will require that a […]

SpoolCast: The History of Interaction with Bill Verplank

This week we take a walk through computing history with noted engineer and designer Bill Verplank, who was present at many of the defining points!

Apple’s Input Device Alternatives

Luke Wroblewski has written a fun post on his blog, Apple’s Input Device Alternatives, documenting a number of Human-Computer Interface patents Apple has filed at the US Patent Office in recent years.

UIEtips Article: Web 2.0 — The Power Behind the Hype

UIEtips 8/07/07: Web 2.0 — The Power Behind the Hype Over the past few years, the world of web application development has seen the emergence of a new set of approaches such as APIs, RSS, and Folksonomies that have come to be known collectively as Web 2.0. These new approaches allow developers to easily create […]

Floating Headers for Tabular Data

Handling and presenting large amounts of data is often a challenge many organizations are faced with. There are issues such as the number of fields that must be shown, the height and width of the cells the data must fit in, visual noise and redundant content, filtering and sorting mechanisms, vertical and horizontal labeling, and, […]

Where to Get Transcriptions

A number of our customers and podcast listeners ask us where we get our audio transcriptions done. We are using CastingWords, a company who takes a very Web 2.0 angle on producing transcripts.

Multi-Touch: Diving Below the Surface

A followup on Brian’s Microsoft Surface post, including some background on the multi-touch interface and a few interesting and fun videos.

CSS Frameworks for Designers

Jeff Croft, writing for A List Apart, throws out a suggestion to anyone developing web interfaces with CSS: frameworks can work for you, too.