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Article: Building Powerful Web Apps: An Interview with David (Heller) Malouf

UIEtips 7/27/06: Designing Powerful Web Applications: An Interview with David Malouf

UIE’s Joshua recently interviewed David (Heller) Malouf, a premier Interaction Designer, to discuss the issues involved when development teams are thinking about designing web applications using AJAX and RIA.

Timeline: Look Ma, No Flash!

As part of MIT’s SIMILE Project, the Timeline demo is intended to be a Google Maps, but for time-based information.

Cracks In The Experience

As it becomes easier and easier for designers to pack more features into the little boxes they want us to buy, it’s going to become more and more important to ask the questions about which features should be included and how will those features improve our lives. This is what experience design is all about.

Mashup Camp: A Sign that Good Things Are To Come

MashupCamp has commenced. Jared wishes he could be there.

Introduction to Web 2.0

For those folks still wrapping their heads around the whole “Web 2.0 thing”, Josh has created a page called simply:

Introduction to Web 2.0

Where Design Catches Up To Reality TV

Phillips has a new lab that feels like it’s modelled after the TV show Big Brother

Great Yahoo Maps Example

Josh senses another watershed moment for online mapping after seeing an amazing example of the new Yahoo Maps beta in action.

Brain Sparks Browser Stats

Browser stats for the Brain Sparks blog show that Firefox leads the way…making the question of developing for IE-only meaningless.

A Very Nifty CSS Design Resource

CSS Beauty: CSS Design Showcase I’ve talked about CSS Zen Garden here. Like Zen Garden, CSS Beauty is a nice showcase of what can be done with CSS. Unlike Zen Garden, CSS Beauty shows it with real sites and allows designers to comment and discuss the various approaches and techniques. Plus, the news and announcements […]

Writing Semantic Markup

In case you missed it, Josh and Richard McManus have another installment of their Web 2.0 column out on Digital Web: Let’s take a closer look. Consider the following text: Web 2.0 Design: Bootstrapping the Social Web By Richard MacManus & Joshua Porter Humans can instantly recognize this as a title and authors of a […]