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Writing Semantic Markup

In case you missed it, Josh and Richard McManus have another installment of their Web 2.0 column out on Digital Web: Let’s take a closer look. Consider the following text: Web 2.0 Design: Bootstrapping the Social Web By Richard MacManus & Joshua Porter Humans can instantly recognize this as a title and authors of a […]

Drinking the Web 2.0 Kool-Aid?

Usually, we’re not like this. We don’t get too excited about the new technologies that are introduced. After all, we never really got excited about mobile computing. Or, ubiquitous technology. Or, speech technology. Or, rich media. Or, tablet computers. None of these things excited us enough to really pay attention. When clients would come to […]

Experimenting with LinkedIn

To learn more about the benefits of social networking, I’m currently trying to build up my network on LinkedIn. I haven’t quite figured out exactly what it’s useful for, though it does feel like there’s something there. Right now, it mostly feels like collecting baseball cards: I have this need to get as many as […]

Network World Got It Right

John Fontana, writer for Network World, got it right when he interviewed Josh for his article, Battle Lines Drawn Again Between Browsers: “I would say going forward that AJAX is going to have a ton of focus and support behind it,” says Joshua Porter, research consultant and director of Web development for research firm User […]

Becoming Comfortable with Web Applications

The interest we’re seeing in web applications is tremendous. We’re seeing amazing new applications like, a synthesis of Google Maps and Craigslist that allows people to find out about and locate on a map apartments or houses on the market. We’re watching the success of the iTunes Music Store, a desktop application that allows […]

Testing the Materials

A friend who is an excellent artist invited me into her studio a little while ago to see some of the work she’s done. She showed me some amazing stuff, but the work that really caught my attention was a still life that she had repeatedly drawn 34 separate times. She had traditionally used oils […]