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Usability Testing: Do You Have the Right People In the Room?

In our next UIE Virtual Seminar, Recruiting for Usability Testing on Wednesday, September 30, usability testing expert Dana Chisnell shows you how to maximize your time and money on the right participants to get the right results.   User experience research lives or dies by the appropriateness of the participants in the study. UX researchers just […]

Wondering What UIE’s Research Says About Designing for Search?

There’s lots to say about Search and how to best design for it. Folks often reach out to our own Jared Spool for his thoughts and sage advice on Search. Want to know what he has to say? Jared will be presenting at our July 9 UIE Virtual Seminar – Search, Scent, and the Happiness […]

Designing Better Navigation for Web Applications – An upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar with Hagan Rivers

On Thursday, March 26 we’ve got one of our most popular presenters back for a UIE Virtual Seminar.  Hagan Rivers, of Two Rivers Consulting, will give a new talk, Designing Better Navigation for Web Applications. If you’re struggling with your web application’s navigation system, or if you’re setting out to design a navigation system, you […]

$300 Million Button Research Featured on

We don’t live for press clippings, like some folk do. We just do our best to provide good, quality content to you, our audience, figuring that those people who need to know about us will find us. So, it’s a nice fifteen minutes of fame when we get picked up by the popular press, in […]

UIE Virtual Seminar – The Quick, the Cheap, and the Insightful: Conducting Usability Tests in the Wild

UIE Virtual Seminar – The Quick, the Cheap, and the Insightful: Conducting Usability Tests in the Wild With Dana Chisnell of Usabilityworks Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 Time: 1pm ET It’s not clear when “quick and dirty” became a dirty phrase in the usability world. There are those that believe that testing must be scientific, […]

Comparing the Candidate’s Sites

Steve Heller from the New York Times asked me to give a short review of the Barack Obama and John McCain campaign sites. I haven’t had a chance to watch voters use either site, so I chose four scenarios that I thought would be common tasks for a voter visiting each site. I rated each […]

Starting a New Adventure: Perfetti Media

Tomorrow is a bittersweet day for me. July 18th is my last official day working at User Interface Engineering. I’ll be leaving UIE and launching my new training and consulting organization, Perfetti Media. For eight years, I’ve been excited and happy to come to the office every day, continually challenged by my work. While my […]

Wanted: Amazing Top-Quality Product Manager

We’re looking for someone special and I’m hoping you know this person. We’re growing our very successful Virtual Seminar program which currently delivers an information packed online webinar to 1,000-2,500 designers and user experience professionals every month. We need someone who has the insight and right touch to take this program and make it sing. […]

Wanted: Amazing Top-Quality Event Manager

We need an amazing, top-quality event manager to help with our 2008 programs. Do you know the right person?

UIE Needs A Freelance PHP Wizard

At User Interface Engineering, we’re looking for a PHP wizard who can help us enhance to add better customer service functionality. We’re looking for someone with expertise in: + PHP + MySQL + Database design and administration + Apache + .HTAccess + xHTML/CSS + DHTML + JavaScript If you know a freelance developer specializing […]