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UIEtips Article: Taking Time to Tour

UIEtips 1/12/07: Taking Time to Tour The practice of designing web applications is so new to us that a formalized method for studying these works is nonexistent. In order to educate ourselves, we must take tours of various web apps to find out what does and does not work. Jared Spool explores why we should take the time to tour web applications, what web applications we should tour, what we should be looking for, and what we can do with the information we gather.

Hello World.

Hi. I’m Brian. Who am I, and why am I here? Excellent questions all. I’ll start by telling you that I’m a new UIE employee, joining the company one month ago. But from there, it gets cloudy. Since I’m filling a new role here at UIE, they’ve asked me to suggest a title for myself. […]

Needed: InDesign Graphic Designer

We’re readying up a new line of reports and we’re looking for a top-notch Graphic Designer who is very familiar with Adobe InDesign. Do you know someone who could help us?

MarketingMonger Podcast

Recently, I was interviewed by Eric Mattson as part of his MarketingMonger podcast series. It was a lot of fun and we got into some interesting discussion. You can hear the podcast here.

Interns Wanted

We’re looking for both an Editorial Assistant and a Training Coordinator intern. Can you help us find them?

UIE Turns 18

This week, UIE celebrates its 18th birthday.

Josh Publishes The MySpace Problem in Vitamin

We’re so proud! Our own Joshua Porter has a feature article published in the Vitamin Web Magazine.

Christine Preparing for Her 90-Mile Ride

Last year she rode 94 miles in 45F temperature, with a steady rain and high winds. This year, we’re hoping for much calmer weather.

Moving Day!

We’re moving our offices today, which may mean a short disruption in email and phone service. If you try to reach us and we’re not immediately available, please try again shortly. Everything should be back to normal on Monday.

Tessa Claire Porter

Born 7:25 am on March 29, 2006. 7lbs, 14oz.