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$300 Million Button Research Featured on

We don’t live for press clippings, like some folk do. We just do our best to provide good, quality content to you, our audience, figuring that those people who need to know about us will find us. So, it’s a nice fifteen minutes of fame when we get picked up by the popular press, in […]

Comparing the Candidate’s Sites

Steve Heller from the New York Times asked me to give a short review of the Barack Obama and John McCain campaign sites. I haven’t had a chance to watch voters use either site, so I chose four scenarios that I thought would be common tasks for a voter visiting each site. I rated each […]

Josh Publishes The MySpace Problem in Vitamin

We’re so proud! Our own Joshua Porter has a feature article published in the Vitamin Web Magazine.

Front page: IT Enquirer

Jared finds himself on the front page of the IT Enquirer.

Writing Semantic Markup

In case you missed it, Josh and Richard McManus have another installment of their Web 2.0 column out on Digital Web: Let’s take a closer look. Consider the following text: Web 2.0 Design: Bootstrapping the Social Web By Richard MacManus & Joshua Porter Humans can instantly recognize this as a title and authors of a […]

Network World Got It Right

John Fontana, writer for Network World, got it right when he interviewed Josh for his article, Battle Lines Drawn Again Between Browsers: “I would say going forward that AJAX is going to have a ton of focus and support behind it,” says Joshua Porter, research consultant and director of Web development for research firm User […]

CIO-Today Interview

Apparently, my thoughts on operating system strategy are worth repeating. Go figure…

I’m a “Bad Boy”

At least, according to the UPA. (Maybe that’s why they haven’t accepted any of my submissions for the conference in years.)