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Becoming a UX Unicorn in 5 Easy Steps

In this week’s article I talk about how to become a UX Unicorn. Here’s an excerpt from the article: We call them unicorns because they are supposed to be mythical creatures-something that doesn’t exist in the real world. That’s how the nickname came about. Yet, over the past couple of years, we’ve started meeting people […]

Content and Design Are Inseparable Work Partners

In this week’s article I talk about the relationship between content and design. Here’s an excerpt from the article: The new thinking is that content creation and management cannot be a separate endeavor from design creation and management. That we need to inseparably integrate the two, structurally and organizationally, to create great experiences. For a […]

UX Design Leaders Have Many Strategies To Choose From

In this week’s article I talk about UX design strategies. Here’s an excerpt from the article: A popular strategy we’ve seen many teams employ is getting everyone talking about a future for the product or service where the user’s experience is much more delightful than it is today. The team creates what we call an experience […]

Companies Are Pushing Highly-Qualified Candidates Away

In this week’s article I talk about creating a better process for hiring UX Designers. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Teams are often anxious about getting into the interview process. They forget an important step: They need to take the time up front to define the position. We addressed this problem directly, as we […]

Last chance to register for the best UX event of 2018

Hello, This week is your last chance to register for the best UX event of 2018. ​UX Immersion:Interactions in ​Newport Beach, ​CA​, March​ 5—7. Aside from it being the best conference experience you’ll have this year, here’s​ six other reasons to​​​ register today: Two Day-long Workshops: Choose two fantastic interactive workshops to practice new techniques and strengthen your […]

The Next Step in Eliminating Bad Design: Hiring Great UX Designers

In this week’s article I talk about hiring UX Designers. Here’s an excerpt from the article: We have an audacious 100-year mission: Eliminate all the bad design from the world. It started 30 years ago with what was then User Interface Engineering (which became UIE and is now Center Centre/UIE). Back then, we saw the immense frustration caused […]

Give, receive, and facilitate helpful feedback

It is always easier to find the flaws than it is to offer solutions. Many of us have gotten so used to looking for the fly in the ointment that we’ve narrowed our field of vision down to identifying error over opportunity. This is the difference between delivering criticism, and critique, creating an environment that isolates […]

CSS Grid And Accessibility

Now that we have the ability to separate source from design using CSS Grid, the likelihood that some creators will overlook accessibility is high. When we can easily reorder items in the display, we should be careful to also reorder them in the source, explains Rachel Andrew, lest we create havoc for screen readers. Ideally, developers will […]

Complex layouts are within reach with CSS

What is so phenomenal about CSS Grid is that it can do natively what developers had to achieve in the past through hacks, table layouts, and floats. CSS Modules now available—Flexbox, CSS Grid Layout, and Box Alignment—are changing layout on the web. Why? Because designers have the flexibility to create and explore layouts they were […]

The Hawaii Missile Alert Culprit: Poorly Chosen File Names

In this week’s article I discuss how poorly chosen file names led to an actual emergency alert text being sent out in place of a test. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Saturday morning, January 13, 2018 at 8:09am Hawaii time, a staff member of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s (HIEMA) State Warning Point office […]