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Socially-Transmitted Functionality

Pull-to-Refresh is all the rage in mobile apps. Take something like the Twitter client. In the timeline, if you want to see if any new messages have been posted, you pull down on the list with your thumb, then release. The gesture signals the app to check with Twitter’s servers to see if anything new […]

Dan Rubin – CSS3 for Everyone

Incorporating CSS3 into your designs allows you to create innovative designs with less code and reliance on images. The level of compatibility with many of the browser options out there is already impressive and it continues to grow. Taking advantage of the new CSS3 features helps to shift heavier visual elements to the browser itself. Dan discusses examples and tips in this podcast.

UIEtips: Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers

One of the benefits of attending a live virtual seminar is that attendees get to ask our expert presenters questions during the seminar. There always seems to be more questions than we have time for so we schedule a podcast recording with the expert to address these unanswered questions. One such podcast interview was with […]

UIEtips: Beautiful Visualization – How To Make it More Efficient

There’s a lot of work that goes into making a graphic beautiful and informative. But how efficient is your graphic? Are you emphasizing the right content or data of the graphic? Can the reader quickly find what they are looking for? Last week we featured an excerpt from Noah Iliinsky’s book Beautiful Visualization. The article […]

UIEtips: Beautiful Visualization: How Do We Achieve Beauty?

The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is dead-on when it comes to information visualization. The ability to convey a message clearly, in the appropriate context, and make the information beautiful is no easy task. Information visualization is the graphic presentation of data. Done right, it’s like you’re looking through the eyes of […]

SpoolCast: Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers with Dan Rubin

Visual design is often considered an artistic realm. Many times people shy away from design or limit their involvement despite being completely capable of creating a great design. Learning the basics of design can help dispel the notion that it is only for the artistic. According to Dan Rubin, “there’s a big separation between being artistic and being creative.”

SpoolCast: Visual Design for Web Applications with David Rivers

Web applications live in a strange world&#8213half application, half website. Making a command look like a command can be tricky. Do you make it a button? Should it be a link? David discusses a number of considerations for creating or updating your application’s visual design

UIEtips: Five Usability Challenges of Web-Based Applications

For years, we’ve been touring the world talking about designing web sites. At every presentation we’ve given, someone approaches us and asks the tough question: “Does this apply to web-based applications?” It’s a tough question because the answer often is Yes and No. Yes, good design practice is good design practice and it applies no […]

Our Next Virtual Seminar: Do I Make it a Button or a Link?

Web applications live in this strange world, half application, half web site. Something as simple as making a command look like a command, becomes difficult quickly. Do you make it a button? Should it be a link? Visual design problems affect an application’s success in a variety of ways. In the mildest form, they slow […]

UIEtips: Rabbis, Tropes, and Visually Consistent Designs

Often, when we talk of finding inspiration for our visual design techniques, we turn to the discipline of fine arts. From the rich history of the arts, we can see many parallels between the artist’s work on the canvas and the designer’s work on the screen. Because much training in visual design often comes out […]