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Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers

The skills you need to discover and fix many common visual design problems don’t require an art degree. The term “web design” implies knowledge and understanding of visuals, creative, even artistic ability. But not everyone practicing web design comes from this background, and the process of improving your site’s design can be daunting. Thankfully, Dan […]

Preparing to Launch – UIE Web App Masters Tour

This is exciting. We’re putting the finishing touches on our upcoming UIE Web App Masters Tour. An event this momentous takes months to make happen. And now, we’re just days away from having every detail lined up. Here’s the facts: We’re going to 4 cities between March and July, 2010: San Diego, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and […]

SpoolCast: Visual Design for the Non-Designer

What can a non-designer do to harness the power of visual design without calling professional help? Quite a lot, says internationally-regarded visual designer Dan Rubin. We called Dan to talk about what design techniques are accessible to mere mortals. He also gave us a preview of his day-long workshop for non-designers at our User Interface 14 Conference, this November.

UIEtips: Information Interplay – Visual Design, Information Architecture, and Content

There’s an on-going debate in the design community: are teams better off with generalists or specialists? Those taking the generalist side argue that a breadth of abilities helps more. On the specialists’ side, they claim it is the depth of specific abilities delivering the benefit. From our research in what makes up the most successful […]

Userability #8 – The Case of Multiple Link Types

This week’s episode features a shadowy UI Designer from a secretive organization located somewhere in Texas. He asks, “how should you style links that trigger different types of interactions?”

Spoolcast: Effective Visual Design Seminar Followup

We recently had our friend Patrick Hofmann a designer with Google Australia in for a Virtual Seminar covering the Essentials of Effective Visual Design. His wealth of knowledge from his years of design and usability research into visual design provided an incredibly interesting and popular seminar.

As usual, we received many more excellent questions that we could deal with during the seminar, so we recorded this podcast.

Upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar Event – Essentials of Effective Visual Design with Patrick Hofmann

UIE Virtual Seminar – Essentials of Effective Visual Design with Patrick Hofmann of designPH and Google Australia Date: Thursday, November 20, 2008 Time: 1:30pm ET (Please note the unique start time) You have the Visual Design skills to do a good job, but what tools or tricks can you add to your toolbox? Does you […]

Life w/o Javascript: A look at Nokia vs. SonyEricsson

Have you looked at your site with Javascript disabled? Robert Nyman does just that with the Nokia and SonyEricsson UK sites and finds some surprising results. It’s quite a good write up. Very much worth a read followed by the obvious next step: checking your own site out the same way. [Hat tip to NortyPig]

WSJ: “No Summary” is Not Better than No Summary

Like many of today’s news sites, the Wall Street Journal features a box on its article pages that shows other popular articles: Because titles often don’t communicate what’s in the article, the implementation gives users a chance to see more by providing a summary as a tooltip-style pop-up. However, it seems someone has been slacking […]