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UIEtips: Why Visualization

There’s definitely an advantage to having your users understand data and messages through a picture versus reading a series of sentences. Information visualization, when done right, can have a greater impact. In many ways, data visualization will take a message and make it more succinct. A good visualization can simplify the most complicated data, and […]

UI16 Spotlight: Simplifying Complex Applications with Hagan Rivers

[We’ve built this year’s User Interface 16 Conference around eight important challenges facing today’s UX Professionals. This is the first in a series of posts where I discuss my thoughts on those challenges and how I came to pick the expert who will be your guide at UI16. Enjoy! – Jared] What happens over time […]

UIEtips: Mobile Strategy, Data Visualization, and Design Process – Big Challenges, Big Rewards

“There are no problems, only opportunities. However, there are some insurmountable opportunities.” Just when we thought we knew what we were doing, suddenly we realize everything has changed. We thought we had finally mastered building great applications on the desktop, only to realize that we now have to challenges of the mobile platform to deal […]

Noah Iliinsky – Beautiful Visualization: Letting Data Tell the Story

Information Visualization uses the brain’s innate ability to recognize patterns to create visual representations of data. When you see a great visualization, it’s as if you are looking through the eyes of an expert. Noah Iliinsky gives examples of the types of visualizations in common use, why and when they are useful, and how to think about different types.

Noah Iliinsky – The Steps to Beautiful Visualizations

Translating information and data into a useful visualization is challenging. When creating information visualizations, as with any design process, it’s imperative to keep your audience in mind. With quality visualizations, they can understand and analyze complex information. In this podcast, Noah joins Jared Spool for a discussion about how to interpret information visually in a way that is most effective for users to process the information and be successful in their tasks.

Finding Incredible Inspiration In Our Data

Nothing reminds me more about the power of what we can do with our data than this TED video of PatientsLikeMe‘s Jamie Haywood, talking about how they change people’s lives with incredible data visualization tools: Here he tells the story of his brother and how it inspired him to look into the data of 45,000 […]

Stephen Anderson – The Quest for Emotional Engagement

Stephen Anderson, designer and creator of the Mental Notes card deck, believes your users must be emotionally engaged if you want them to exhibit a certain behavior. Stephen uses simple visual representations to help people make choices and understand complex information. In this podcast, Stephen and Jared Spool discuss creating designs that engage your users’ emotions.

UIEtips: Beautiful Visualization – How To Make it More Efficient

There’s a lot of work that goes into making a graphic beautiful and informative. But how efficient is your graphic? Are you emphasizing the right content or data of the graphic? Can the reader quickly find what they are looking for? Last week we featured an excerpt from Noah Iliinsky’s book Beautiful Visualization. The article […]

UIEtips: Beautiful Visualization: How Do We Achieve Beauty?

The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is dead-on when it comes to information visualization. The ability to convey a message clearly, in the appropriate context, and make the information beautiful is no easy task. Information visualization is the graphic presentation of data. Done right, it’s like you’re looking through the eyes of […]

SpoolCast: Sharing Stories as Data: Building PatientsLikeMe’s Community – Q&A with Kate Brigham

Kate Brigham is the Patient Experience Manager at PatientsLikeMe. Rather than focusing solely on forums and discussion, she has helped create an environment that encourages sharing amongst the patients. In this podcast, Kate talks to Jared Spool about how PatientsLikeMe uses data visualizations to help create the level of understanding within the community.