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Hey AIGA: 1996 called. They want their online pub tool back.

The AIGA recently published the online version of their 2009 Salary Survey. I was really disappointed with their 1996 approach to the salary survey. The AIGA is filled with talented designers, yet they opted for an impossible-to-use book reader to display their hard work. Locking the survey up in a proprietary, unusable reader was a […]

Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers

The skills you need to discover and fix many common visual design problems don’t require an art degree. The term “web design” implies knowledge and understanding of visuals, creative, even artistic ability. But not everyone practicing web design comes from this background, and the process of improving your site’s design can be daunting. Thankfully, Dan […]

Seeing Red:’s Map of the Market

A normal day at the Map of the Market interactive market mapping tool: But yesterday was anything but a normal day: (The green box represents Barrick Gold, which saw a 4.5% increase in its value yesterday. The next biggest winner I could find was Campbell’s Soup at 0.32%. Gold? Soup lines? Hmmm.) Update: A […]