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Announcing Web App Summit 2008

I’m pleased to announce the return of our Web App Summit sell-out program.

We’re holding the Summit in Coronado, CA on March 26 – 28, 2008. We’ve got a great line-up of presenters, including Andrew DeVigal, Steve Duenes, Derek Featherstone, Kim Goodwin, Sean Kane, Jeremy Keith, Steve Mulder, Leisa Reichelt, D. Keith Robinson, Bill Scott, Luke Wroblewski, and Indi Young. Jared Spool will also be presenting UIE’s latest research on web app design.

This 8GB red Limited Edition Web App Summit 2008 iPod nano could be yours!

Register by December 11th and get your own limited-edition Web App Summit 2008 iPod nano.

UIEtips Article: Web 2.0 — The Power Behind the Hype

UIEtips 8/07/07: Web 2.0 — The Power Behind the Hype Over the past few years, the world of web application development has seen the emergence of a new set of approaches such as APIs, RSS, and Folksonomies that have come to be known collectively as Web 2.0. These new approaches allow developers to easily create […]

SpoolCast: The Josh and Jared Show – Getting into Trouble

This week Josh and I talk about all the ways we get in trouble. Whether its speaking in public or writing on our blogs, sometimes we kick up a sandstorm unintentionally. STC2007, Art vs. Design, and the Facebook API platform.

Apple Announces News for Web Developers on Many Platforms

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced during his keynote at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) the answer to the question on the minds of software developers around the planet: “Can we write apps for the iPhone?”

The answer was interesting: “Yes, your SDK will be Web 2.0 + AJAX”

Podcast: Flickr: How a Bright Star Changed the World of Web Applications with Peter Merholz and Jared Spool

In this audio recording from January’s UIE Web App Summit, Adaptive Path’s Peter Merholz and UIE’s Jared Spool lead an entertaining discussion about the magic behind the scenes at Web 2.0 star Flickr.

Usability 2.0 Flashback

If you missed the WebGuild’s Usability 2.0 event in April, have no fear: the entire video is available and there’s a great followup blog interview with Luke Wroblewski available.

What do you think of these web site designs?

Ashley McKee points out Tutorial Blog’s recently released list of the 60 best standards compliant web site designs and asks if you think the web sites are usable as well as visually appealing.

Google Redesigns Analytics

Google has just announced an overhaul of their Google Analytics product. Along with new features, it sports innovative interactivity and information display with great use of colors and visual weight. Joshua Porter and I have been spending the last few days going through a lot of the new features, and new ways to visualize old […]

UIEtips Article: Why Invest in Social Features for Your Web Site?

UIEtips 5/08/07: Why Invest in Social Features for Your Web Site? Joshua Porter investigates the trend to design socially-enabled web applications, and examines the core benefits of investing in social features that apply broadly across many areas on your web site.

“We are the Web”

Continuing with the trend of second generation web-based applications, I just watched a brilliant video created by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University. It’s an under-5-minute look at how blogs, wikis, web feeds, social networking sites, and folksonomies are revolutionizing our culture. Without further ado, The Machine is Us/ing Us.