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It’s the Final Tour Stop for the Band

We’ve received rave reviews from the Philadelphia and Seattle Tour stops. You have one last chance to catch us, and after this performance, we’re breaking up the band. The last stop of the UIE Web App Masters Tour is in Minneapolis, June 27-28. Hundreds of web application designers, from all over have found inspiration from […]

Day 2: Seattle Web App Masters Tour

Following the brilliance of Day 1 of the UIE Web App Masters Tour, we had a another awesome day of great presentations. Pam Rodriguez and Luke Wroblewski did a nice job of posting their notes. Thanks guys! Steve Portigal on Design Fieldwork: Uncovering Innovation from the Outside In – Pam’s notes, Luke’s notes. Kate Brigham […]

Day 1: Seattle Web App Masters Tour

Well, we’ve just wrapped up the first day of the UIE Web App Masters Tour stop in Seattle. What a day! Blogger Pam Rodriguez has done a tremendous job summarizing the first day’s sessions. You can read them here: My talk: Mobilism & UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm Bill Scott’s talk: Designing […]

Jared Spool – The Essential Principles Behind Great Design Principles Live!

Great design principles guide your team to creating designs that delight your users. Having a set of great principles will allow your team to turn ordinary design into extraordinary design. But not everyone has great design principles. What even constitutes a great design principle? Jared dives into our latest research on what teams are doing it right and which are missing the mark.

UIEtips: 3 Important Usability Challenges for Designing Web Apps

Web-based applications are different from content-based web sites because the users are involved in a transaction. In our work researching the usability of content-based sites, we focus on how users will find and react to the information. However, with web-based applications, there are many other considerations we need to account for. In this week’s UIEtips, […]

Julie Zhuo – Facebook: Data-Informed vs. Data-Driven Design Decisions Live!

Analyzing data is a great way to make design decisions. But when your analytics log contains billions of clicks, how do you distinguish which ones you should use in forming those decisions? Users’ behavior and activity can provide you with great information and insights. But when do you look to that and when do you trust your own instincts? Julie Zhuo discusses Facebook’s design process.

Josh Clark – Designing Tapworthy Mobile Apps

“Thinking mobile” goes beyond scaling down an existing app to fit a smaller screen or making decisions about what content to include. Because the app can be used anywhere by nature and the interface is manipulated with thumbs and fingers, there are much more than just aesthetics to consider. Josh discusses mobile design with Adam Churchill.

UIEtips: Web Apps – Where Business Needs and User Needs Collide

Web-based applications are a different beast than other types of software or web sites. Web app designers have to take care of the users’ goals, and also ensure that the business needs are taken into account. Business needs can be complex. They come from all over the enterprise, originating from initiatives (like marketing campaigns), infrastructure […]

Finding Incredible Inspiration In Our Data

Nothing reminds me more about the power of what we can do with our data than this TED video of PatientsLikeMe‘s Jamie Haywood, talking about how they change people’s lives with incredible data visualization tools: Here he tells the story of his brother and how it inspired him to look into the data of 45,000 […]

How a Theme Emerges: Mobile Design at the Web App Masters Tour

As we were finalizing the program for this year’s UIE Web App Masters Tour, a theme quickly emerged that we hadn’t originally planned on: designing mobile applications. Up until now, mobile has been elusive for us. You see, we don’t talk about a subject just because it’s the latest fad. There are plenty of sources […]