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SpoolCast: Mobile Apps – Web-based or Native? – Q&A with Josh Clark

With mobile quickly emerging as a viable and practical source of web based content, designers need to know how to adapt and keep up. With the sheer number of different devices out there it can be a daunting prospect. Josh joins Jared Spool in this podcast for a discussion about making the decision between mobile web and native apps.

SpoolCast: Designing for Mice and Men: UI Across Platforms – Q&A with Bill Scott

The number of places that you can access the web grows every day. But are you designing for it? How do your users see your content? And more importantly, how are they interacting with it? Bill Scott joins Jared Spool and discusses the challenges and a few of the surprises that come with designing for multiple platforms.

SpoolCast: Visual Design for Web Applications with David Rivers

Web applications live in a strange world&#8213half application, half website. Making a command look like a command can be tricky. Do you make it a button? Should it be a link? David discusses a number of considerations for creating or updating your application’s visual design

Best Menu Option Ever: See Fewer Choices

Online banking is notorious for poorly thought-through interactive experiences. Chase Online is no exception. Their mortgage screen contains this list of menu options, with one of my most favorite menu options ever. As asked in the comments, this is the default presentation when you first view the menu. (Some commented it would make more sense […]

SpoolCast: Luke Wroblewski’s “Why You Should Design for Mobile First” UI15 Session Sample

For years, the mobile web experience was little more than an afterthought as most design teams focused on catering their designs to the desktop. As Luke Wroblewski explains in his session “Why You Should Design for Mobile First” from the User Interface 15 Conference, this is becoming an increasingly backwards way of thinking.

UIEtips: Five Usability Challenges of Web-Based Applications

For years, we’ve been touring the world talking about designing web sites. At every presentation we’ve given, someone approaches us and asks the tough question: “Does this apply to web-based applications?” It’s a tough question because the answer often is Yes and No. Yes, good design practice is good design practice and it applies no […]

Our Next Virtual Seminar: Do I Make it a Button or a Link?

Web applications live in this strange world, half application, half web site. Something as simple as making a command look like a command, becomes difficult quickly. Do you make it a button? Should it be a link? Visual design problems affect an application’s success in a variety of ways. In the mildest form, they slow […]

Hey AIGA: 1996 called. They want their online pub tool back.

The AIGA recently published the online version of their 2009 Salary Survey. I was really disappointed with their 1996 approach to the salary survey. The AIGA is filled with talented designers, yet they opted for an impossible-to-use book reader to display their hard work. Locking the survey up in a proprietary, unusable reader was a […]

SpoolCast: Hagan Rivers’ Escaping Navigation Hell, Live!

Web applications can get wild. You know the kind; something that’s on your corporate intranet with an obscure purpose, hundreds of screens and some kind of navigation kudzu growing in every direction. Hagan Rivers is one of our favorite wranglers of such apps.

Listen to a sample of Hagan’s Escaping Navigation Hell from the Web App Masters Tour in this episode of the SpoolCast.

UIEtips Article: Web Form Design in the Wild- Part 1

Web-based applications are quickly becoming critical strategic components for many organizations. In our research at UIE, we’ve found that creating usable forms is essential to the success of these applications. Forms are crucial for users to complete many online transactions, ranging from sign-up forms for introducing new customers to your site, to checkout forms for […]