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SpoolCast: Care and Feeding the Corporate Cash Cow with Ken Kellogg

Ken Kellogg, the Director of User Research at Marriott International, sits down with Jared Spool to discuss the process of design and research that lay beneath a web site that generated $6.5 billion in revenues in 2009.

SpoolCast: Backstage at 37signals with Jason Fried

Jason Fried brings a unique viewpoint to any design discussion, one informed by years of success with his company, 37signals. Recently, Jared Spool was able to chat with Jason about 37signals’ current work. If you’re joining us at the UIE Web App Masters Tour in Minneapolis or Philadelphia, Jason will go into even more detail

SpoolCast: Design Lessons from Facebook’s 350 Million with Julie Zhuo

Julie Zhuo is the principal designer behind the Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect experiences, and has contributed to the last two major site redesigns. She sat down to chat with our Jared Spool.

SpoolCast: Interesting Moments with Bill Scott

Bill Scott chats with Jared Spool about rich interactions, his new book about them, and his deep history with them at Sabre, Yahoo! and now Netflix. Bill is one of the stellar presenters scheduled for all four cities on the UIE Web App Masters Tour.

UIEtips: Web Apps – Where Business Needs & User Needs Collide

Web-based applications are a different beast than other types of software or web sites. Web app designers not only have to take care of the users’ goals, but also ensure that the business needs are taken into account. The business needs can be complex. They come from all over the enterprise, originating from initiatives (like […]

San Diego Lineup Complete: Hagan Rivers & Luke Wroblewski

With today’s additions to the UIE Web App Masters Tour, we complete our line up for the first stop in San Diego. (When is that, you ask? Why it’s March 23-24. We can’t wait to be there.) Joining the other seven presenters for our two-day deep dive into all things wonderful about Web Apps will […]

W00t! 2 More Masters: Bill Scott & Ken Kellogg

Good news, everyone. We’ve lined up two more Masters for our UIE Web App Masters Tour. We’re thrilled to announce Bill Scott and Ken Kellogg will be joining us. Bill Scott First, let me say this: Bill is the nicest person on the entire planet. You’ll notice this the moment you talk to him. But […]

Two New Masters: Julie Zhuo & Christian Crumlish

Hot off the presses! We’ve just finalized two more Masters for the UIE Web App Masters Tour, Julie Zhuo and Christian Crumlish. We’re thrilled they can join us. Julie Zhuo The designers at Facebook try hard to make Facebook users happy. It’s a hard-to-please audience, and there’s 350 million of them. As Facebook’s Product Design […]

Preparing to Launch – UIE Web App Masters Tour

This is exciting. We’re putting the finishing touches on our upcoming UIE Web App Masters Tour. An event this momentous takes months to make happen. And now, we’re just days away from having every detail lined up. Here’s the facts: We’re going to 4 cities between March and July, 2010: San Diego, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and […]

UIEtips article: Getting the Most From Design Deliverables

For today’s designers and developers, the biggest challenges involve how we transition, or hand off, a project at each phase.  We know that a conveyor belt system of project management creates issues that can prevent your project from being a successful design. Why get everyone on the same page? Designers will have more control in getting the vision implemented the […]