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Userability #8 – The Case of Multiple Link Types

This week’s episode features a shadowy UI Designer from a secretive organization located somewhere in Texas. He asks, “how should you style links that trigger different types of interactions?”

SpoolCast: Web App Navigation Q&A Follow-up

Hagan Rivers returns to answer followup questions from her recent virutal seminar on Better Web App Navigation

SpoolCast: Introducing Interaction Design with Frameworks

This week Robert Hoekman, Jr joins us to discuss a new design process he’s been developing called “Design Frameworks.” Drawn loosely from the idea of the Frameworks that software developers use to more efficiently build software, design frameworks are an aid to assembling a design.

SpoolCast: Roughing it with Interactive Prototypes

Planning documents for web app projects are often overlooked, despite their importance in the success of the product. James Box and Richard Rutter of Clearleft share their successful process of creating rough interactive prototypes for clients when creating web applications.

SpoolCast: Web Form Design with Luke Wroblewski

This week we chat with out friend Luke Wroblewski about Web Form Design. He discussed some of the most frequent questions he gets asked about form design considerations, since having penned a popular book on the subject. He offered a lot of helpful advice. Tune in to learn more.

UIEtips: Previous and Next Actions in Web Forms

Most online design requires the designer to focus on two separate but equal elements. The content of the design and the chrome that supports it. (Do you think I’ve watched too much Law and Order over the years?) Take a multi-step dialog sequence, such as, say, signing up for a new account. Each step will […]

UIE Podcasts with Web App Experts

Web-based application development is a field in flux. With new advances in interaction technologies, social media, and fast-paced design, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we’ve put together a series of podcasts with some of the experts in the field: Dan Brown, Molly Holzshlag, Steve Mulder, Riccardo LaRosa, and Nathan Curtis. In […]

SpoolCast: Web Standards for Web Apps with Molly Holzschlag

This week our long time friend Molly Holzschlag joins us to discuss the cutting edge of web standards as they apply to web application development. Listen in while we talk about the effects that HTML 5, ECMAScript and other standards will have on the web.

Review of Designing for Sign-up Virtual Seminar

Last month, Deb Brown at Aligned Structures wrote up a great review of Joshua Porter’s recent UIE Virtual Seminar, Designing for Signup: Yesterday I attended an outstanding seminar by Joshua Porter produced by those great folks at UIE (yep shameless Ak’ing there.):) The topic was Designing for Sign-up. What struck me the most about the […]

SpoolCast: Web 2.0 Strategy and Design With Steve Mulder and Riccardo LaRosa

We love to talk to Steve Mulder (from Molecular) and Riccardo La Rosa (from Isobar) about building out a Web 2.0 strategy and incorporating elements, such as social features and highly-interactive elements to the design. Listen to their stories of helping major brands integrate social and highly-interactive experiences.