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Browser Compatibility: Asked & Answered

A client wrote in and asked a question that I didn’t know the answer to, so I posted it to the twitter: Where would you send a client looking for an article on designing for different browsers and conducting browser-compatibility testing? One of the downsides of being a researcher and never actually doing the hard […]

UIEtips: Galleries – The Hardest Working Pages on Your Site

Several years ago, we came to the realization that there are eight distinct types of navigation pages that a user may encounter, as they work through a web site, trying to locate their target content. Since then, our research consistently shows that the designers who understand these different page types are far more likely to […]

UIEtips: 12 Best Practices for UX in an Agile Environment – Part 2

We’ve been working with a ton of teams in transition to an Agile development process lately and we’ve been trying to understand why many of them are frustrated by the change. They’re struggling with how to adapt their existing user experience practices into this new method of development and I think we know why. In […]

SpoolCast: UX in an Agile Environment with Jeff Patton

The Agile development process is about breaking things into small pieces and acting on each piece really quickly. Yet, traditional user experience practices aren’t used to working fast. How do we adjust our practices to survive in a fast-paced agile process?

That’s the question we posted to Jeff Patton, the noted independent UX/Agile consultant and speaker, who joined me on this week’s show.

UIEtips article: 12 Best Practices of UX in an Agile Environment – Part 1

When shooting the movie, the director doesn’t necessary film the scenes in the order they’ll appear once edited. Instead, the filmmakers shoot the pieces according to other constraints, such as the availability of actors or locations, or accommodating variability in the weather. It’s not unusual for the movie’s final climax to be among the first […]

SpoolCast: Ajax Then and Now with Jeremy Keith

This week, Ajax design expert Jeremy Keith joins us from Brighton, England. Jeremy is the technical lead at Clearleft, a leading design consultancy in the UK. We talked about the evolution and best use of the techniques we call Ajax.

SpoolCast: What Makes a Great IA with Donna (Maurer) Spencer

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Donna (Maurer) Spencer, a world-renowned information architect and owner of the freelance agency MaadMob, based in Canberra, Australia.

In this episode I asked Donna, “What separates good Information Architects from great Information Architects?”

SpoolCast: Creating Advanced Web App Deliverables with D. Keith Robinson

How do you communicate complex and interactive design ideas to the development team? To answer this question, I had a chance to speak with with D. Keith Robinson, the Creative Director of Blue Flavor.
We had a great discussion regarding the “backstage” portion of web app design.

UIEtips Article: Playgrounds for Data — Inspiration from NYTimes Interactives

Greetings, Today, in our UIEtips email newsletter, we published my latest article talking about engaging experiences found in an unlikely place: a newspaper web site. Yet, this isn’t just any newspaper web site, it’s the New York Times. The engaging experiences are interactive calculators, maps, and data visualization tools. I’ll admit it right up front: […]

UIEtips Article: Five Usability Challenges of Web-Based Applications

Over the past few years, we’ve been studying the emergence of web-based applications and the usability and design challenges that accompany bringing them to light. We’ve also been concerned with the best practices for overcoming these issues to create web apps that actually delight users. During this time, we’ve been asking ourselves, “Are these best […]