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One Year Later on Major Re-launches: “We were warned, you have been warned.”

A little more than a year ago, we republished my article, The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch. The article generated an interesting discussion about when a re-launch is warranted. During the debate, Richard Todd made this observation: What about the challenges in trying to avoid a major relaunch? When faced with many new site […]

Announcing Web App Summit 2008

I’m pleased to announce the return of our Web App Summit sell-out program.

We’re holding the Summit in Coronado, CA on March 26 – 28, 2008. We’ve got a great line-up of presenters, including Andrew DeVigal, Steve Duenes, Derek Featherstone, Kim Goodwin, Sean Kane, Jeremy Keith, Steve Mulder, Leisa Reichelt, D. Keith Robinson, Bill Scott, Luke Wroblewski, and Indi Young. Jared Spool will also be presenting UIE’s latest research on web app design.

This 8GB red Limited Edition Web App Summit 2008 iPod nano could be yours!

Register by December 11th and get your own limited-edition Web App Summit 2008 iPod nano.

SpoolCast: An Interview with Cameron Moll

Like many of us, Cameron Moll works in a large, complex organization. This means managing design decisions and wrestling (often inflexible) enterprise technology. He talked to me about how he has integrated his real-world experiences into his UI12 tutorial and how he is working on bringing elegance and great function to his complex work projects.

Cameron Moll’s Highly Extensible Interface

Our friend Cameron Moll has an outline and video preview of his upcoming UI12 Full-day tutorial up on his blog. Cameron works for the LDS Church and has assembled a lot of real-world examples of web design in a large organization. Cameron oversees the creation of highly flexible interfaces that can be repurposed as needed […]

Spoolcast: Communicating Concepts with Comics: An Interview with Kevin Cheng

In this interview, Kevin Cheng and Jared Spool discuss the use of comics to express user experience ideas early in the brainstorming stage of a project. Comics show the team how a user will experience the design.

Losing Control of the Experience

It’s hard enough to create a successful user experience when you can control every aspect of the customer interaction . Can Apple (or anyone else for that matter) create truly amazing experiences when they need to work through partners? That is yet to be seen.

UIEtips Article: Thinking in the Right Terms: 7 Components for a Successful Web Site Redesign

Jared M. Spool details the seven essential long-term components to reach a successful redesign project, and avoid costly changes that don’t enhance the site’s user experience or help the business.

UIEtips Article: Web 2.0 — The Power Behind the Hype

UIEtips 8/07/07: Web 2.0 — The Power Behind the Hype Over the past few years, the world of web application development has seen the emergence of a new set of approaches such as APIs, RSS, and Folksonomies that have come to be known collectively as Web 2.0. These new approaches allow developers to easily create […]

UIEtips Article: Common Pitfalls of Social Web Applications, Part II

UIEtips 7/31/07: Common Pitfalls of Social Web Applications, Part II This week, UIE turns 19 years old. Over the years, we’ve seen technology come and go, features grow and shrink, and interaction styles dramatically change. What used to be just a person interacting with a screen has become something more — people interacting with other […]

Qualitative Research

Ashley McKee points out a series of articles by Leisa Reichelt that discuss accepting the unscientific qualities of qualitative research, and using qualitative research as a flexible way to gather rich and insightful information about your intended audience.