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Kevin Cheng’s IA Summit 2007 Presentation

At this year’s IA Summit, Kevin Cheng and Tom Wailes gave an interesting presentation called, Finding Innovation in the Five-Hundred Pound Gorilla. The talk centers largely around an innovative approach to product design based on a case study of one of Yahoo!’s “vision projects.” The daily grind of the designer and information architect can become […]

UIEtips Article: Learning from the Facebook Mini-Feed Disaster

UIEtips 7/16/07: Learning from the Facebook Mini-Feed Disaster When teams make critical feature changes in their designs, there’s always a risk of backlash from loyal users. That’s what happened to Facebook, the social networking site, a few months ago. Facebook’s designers created the mini feed, an exciting new feature that promised to offer users a […]

UIEtips Article: Web Application Form Design

UIEtips 6/26/07: Web Application Form Design Luke Wroblewski discusses how variations in the alignment of input fields, labels, calls to action, and their surrounding visual elements can support or impair different aspects of user behavior.

CSS Frameworks for Designers

Jeff Croft, writing for A List Apart, throws out a suggestion to anyone developing web interfaces with CSS: frameworks can work for you, too.

UIEtips Article: Common Pitfalls of Building Social Web Applications and How to Avoid Them

UIEtips 6/14/07: Common Pitfalls of Building Social Web Applications and How to Avoid Them UIE’s Joshua Porter outlines 4 of the most prevalent mistakes designers make when creating social web applications, and explains how to avoid making them yourself.

Comic Success at Capstrat

Ashley McKee shares an article written by Rebekah Sedaca, a user experience designer at Capstrat, who details how she uses comics in her own design processes.

Apple Announces News for Web Developers on Many Platforms

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced during his keynote at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) the answer to the question on the minds of software developers around the planet: “Can we write apps for the iPhone?”

The answer was interesting: “Yes, your SDK will be Web 2.0 + AJAX”

Podcast: Flickr: How a Bright Star Changed the World of Web Applications with Peter Merholz and Jared Spool

In this audio recording from January’s UIE Web App Summit, Adaptive Path’s Peter Merholz and UIE’s Jared Spool lead an entertaining discussion about the magic behind the scenes at Web 2.0 star Flickr.

WebGuild’s Interview with Luke Wroblewski

Ashley McKee relates the interview WebGuild recently conducted with Luke Wroblewski to her previous post about Tutorial Blog’s list of the 60 best web standards compliant web sites.

Usability 2.0 Flashback

If you missed the WebGuild’s Usability 2.0 event in April, have no fear: the entire video is available and there’s a great followup blog interview with Luke Wroblewski available.