Welcome NYC UPA Members and Friends

Jared had great fun presenting his talk, Mobile and UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm, at the NYC UPA Meeting in July.

Download the 11mb PDF with the presentation slides.

Share another of Jared’s presentations with your friends and colleagues

You’re in luck! We happen to have another presentation of Jared’s, Anatomy of a Design Decision. Jared gave this presentation as the keynote for our own User Interface 15 Conference. Feel free to share this entertaining and inspiring presentation with everyone you know. Make the popcorn and hit play!

Join us at the User Interface 16 Conference

You need to be in Boston, MA, November 7-9, for the User Interface 16 Conference.

Do you have everything you need to be a UX Pro?

We’ve got an all-star UX lineup, with Kim Goodwin, Luke Wroblewski, Brandon Schauer, Bill Scott, and more. Get your UX groove on as you explore the latest with topics like UI best practices, mobile design, project kickoff techniques, HTML5, CSS3, and immersive field studies.

You’ll revel in every minute of this three-day conference. With two full days of immersive workshops, and a day of insightful presentations, you’ll be learning every minute of the conference.

Learn more about UI16.

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