Articles about Brand Strengthening

  • Un-Sucking the Touchpoint 11/18/2014

    Chris Risdon goes beyond jargon to explore the touchpoint.

  • The Search for Seducible Moments 11/08/2002

    If you offer something that is unique to your organization, (and chances are that you do--that's why you're in business) then how do you make the users aware of these benefits? Jared Spool discusses how to identify these "seducible moments".

  • Understanding Users through Brand Research: an Interview with Mitch McCasland 09/18/2002

    Mitch McCasland of Brand Inquiry Partners is an expert in brand strategy and Account Planning and has worked with such clients as Proctor & Gamble, Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up, and Verizon/GTE. UIE's Christine Perfetti recently sat down with Mitch to talk about how Account Planning techniques can benefit designers.

  • Determining How Design Affects Branding 02/11/2002

    Designers often tell us part of their responsibilities is to enhance the branding of a site, product, or organization. In recent years, we've focused our research on understanding how design can have a positive effect on a brand.

  • Seductive Design for Web Sites 07/01/1998

    We used to think it was impossible to design a web site that successfully supported both information retrieval and browsing. We now believe a site can do both--but only when designers know what their audience is interested in.

  • Branding and Usability 01/01/1996

    Many web sites exist primarily to create or strengthen the brand for a product or service. We're finding that a site's usability can dramatically affect branding. And the graphical aspects of the site--such as logos or evocative pictures--have much less effect on branding than we expected.

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