Articles about Rich Internet Applications

  • Watch and Learn: How Recommendation Systems are Redefining the Web 12/13/2006

    People love recommendations because they are a useful shortcut, saving us the time of doing our own research. Powerful web applications are now helping us do that online, recommending music, movies, and travel options. Joshua Porter delves into some of the benefits and drawbacks of these systems that are spreading like wildfire on the Web.

  • Designing Web Applications for Use 12/11/2006

    Larry Constantine, IDSA, of Constantine & Lockwood, describes several of the recurring problems with user-centered design and discusses how designing for use rather than for users is a way to focus design more sharply.

  • Tips for Designing Powerful RIAs: An Interview with David Malouf and Bill Scott 12/06/2006

    UIE's Jared M. Spool and Joshua Porter recently had the chance to talk with expert web application designers, Bill Scott and David Malouf, to discuss Rich Internet Application (RIA) development, AJAX, and other important issues surrounding the creation of sophisticated web apps.

  • iHotelier: Demonstrating the Potential of Flash for Web App Design 12/10/2002

    Read Christine Perfetti's article where she shows how one very innovative design built with Macromedia Flash gets past the constraints of HTML.

  • Deconstructing Web Applications 08/11/2005

    Hagan Rivers is a recognized pioneer in the area of Web Application Design. UIE's Christine Perfetti recently had the opportunity to talk with Hagan about some of the biggest challenges in the web application space.

  • Designing Powerful Web Applications: An Interview with David (Heller) Malouf 07/27/2006

    UIE's Joshua Porter recently interviewed David (Heller) Malouf, a premier Interaction Designer, to discuss the issues involved when development teams are thinking about designing web applications using AJAX and RIAs.

  • Using Ajax for Creating Web Applications 07/14/2005

    By combining the sophistication of screen-based apps to the relative ease-of-implementation of paged-based apps, Ajax is a solid alternative for new interface development.

  • Making Your Content Management System Work for You: An Interview with Jeffrey Veen 09/29/2004

    In this interview, Adaptive Path's Jeffrey Veen shares the reasons why many content management systems fail and what designers can do to avoid the common pitfalls associated with CMS installations.

  • Flash Strikes Back: Creating Powerful Web Applications 08/20/2002

    With the advent of Flash MX, developers now have the power to create web applications with more sophisticated client- and server-side interactivity. In this article, we highlight web applications that truly demonstrate Flash's benefits over traditional HTML-based applications.

  • Flash + Information Visualization = Great User Experiences 08/01/2001

    By combining tools like Flash and the little-known field of information visualization, designers can dramatically improve how users work with large, multidimensional data sets.

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