Eleri Dixon

Fidelity.com's Eleri Dixon Sends Her Staff Members to the UI Conference

Vice President of Customer Experience
Fidelity Investments
Attended the UI Conference since 1998

What is your role at Fidelity?
I recently shifted roles. I used to be the head of Usability for all of Fidelity's customer-facing products. In my new position as the Vice President of Customer Experience, I focus on what is the optimum experience for all of our customers on all of our online sites and applications.

How does the UI Conference help to prepare your staff for their work?
The UI Conference speakers offer valuable experience. Our employees need to be educated on topics related to web design and usability. Not all of my employees actively participate in usability testing, but they need to be aware of all of the concepts covered at the event and stay abreast of the new developments relating to improving customer experience.

The conference has a great format because my staff has the chance to attend a full day of 90-minute talks and get a valuable overview of many areas of this field.

How many of User Interface Engineering's events, such as the UI Conference, have you attended?
I have attended nine or ten events and have been sending members of my staff since 1998.

I encourage my staff to attend due to the practical knowledge that we can put right to work at the office. The conference helps us to learn about some of the newer concepts and methods and assess whether we should adopt them into our group.

What keeps you coming back?
I like the opportunity to get new, practical information each year.

What do you like most about our conference?
The content covered at the conference is very understandable. It can be immediately applied to our work. Plus, the speakers are always excellent. The conference has a bookseller on-hand which is always great. I usually don't buy books. But at UI10, I bought two books that helped me while I was thinking about the concept for our new Customer Experience Department: Paco Underhill's "Why We Buy" and Seth Godin's "The Purple Cow".

The experiences that I gain from my many years at User Interface Engineering events, including the UI Conference, help me to think about the big picture and the needs of Fidelity going forward.