Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards Has Attended the UI Conference Four Years in a Row

Sr. Systems Analyst in Web Services Group
Standard Insurance Company
Attended UI7, UI8, UI9, and UI10

What are your job responsibilities?
I focus on the administration of our web analytics tools and interpretation of the Web Trends reports. I also consult on the usability testing of The Standard's web sites.

What have you found most valuable about the UI Conference?
The conference changes from year to year. I have attended four years in a row and have always come away with something new. The seminars are very practical. They cover a lot of the conceptual areas of web design, but they also offer practical tips and techniques. I always come back to work with information that I can apply to my area of expertise, including web design, project management, and usability testing. The conference host, User Interface Engineering, is also one of the leaders in Usability research and they provide an excellent overview of the current design issues.

Would you recommend the conference to colleagues?
If people can attend one conference dealing with the topic of usability, I would tell them the UI Conference should be their first choice. The conference has technical, project management, and usability tracks - all very valuable. It really has something for everyone.