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Conference Program

At User Interface 11, you’ll get 4 full days of in-depth techniques from the world’s leading web design and usability experts. On Monday and Wednesday, you will attend full-day seminars with our expert speakers. On Tuesday, we have a day filled with 90-minute Featured Talks. We'll cap off the week on Thursday with our Showcase Seminar Day, where you'll have the choice between UIE's most popular seminars or Rolf Molich's Master Workshop.

Monday, October 9th: Full-day Seminars


Creating Persuasion Architecture Online

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg

Bryan Eisenberg, Future Now and Jeffrey Eisenberg, Future Now

Do you want to draw users to specific content on your site? Do you have users come to your site who don’t buy? Do you need to boost conversion rates? Come learn how to take advantage of Persuasion Architecture tactics that will get your users to take action and meet your business objectives.

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg have pioneered a groundbreaking process that enables design teams to incorporate persuasive elements into their site's design: Persuasion Architecture. Persuasion Architecture is a method for mapping your sales process to your user's purchasing process.

In this full-day seminar, Bryan and Jeffrey will walk you through the concrete stages of their Persuasion Architecture methodology, getting users to comply with what you want them to do on your site. You will learn step-by-step how to leverage Information Architecture techniques, personas, persuasion science, and design theory to make your sites as persuasive as possible.

How to Design a Task-Based Information Architecture

Gerry McGovern

Gerry McGovern, Gerrymcgovern.com

Is your web site chaos? Do users have trouble finding their content? Do you know the most important tasks of your most important customers? We often hear from designers that they have hundreds or thousands of pages, completely without organization or structure. Putting the customer at the very heart of the design process is easy to talk about but incredibly difficult to do well. To help you with these issues, we've looked to Gerry McGovern, a world-renowned expert in content management and author of two top-selling books, Content Critical and The Web Style Guide.

In Gerry’s full-day seminar, you will get a solid grounding in information architecture, including metadata, classification and navigation design, that will enable you to create a truly customer-focused website. Gerry will show you the classification, navigation, and search tools that will help meet your users’ needs. He will also show you how to gather task-completion metrics that will make you a star performer with your senior management. When you leave this seminar, you’ll have the basic foundation needed to create a logically organized web site that will have an immediate impact on the performance of your site.

Designing Powerful Web Applications using AJAX and RIAs

David Heller

David (Heller) Malouf, IntraLinks and Bill Scott, Yahoo, Inc.

Are you tasked with adding more interactivity to your web applications? Do you want to learn interaction design skills geared towards adding interactivity and richness to your web-based solutions? In this full-day seminar, David Heller, an expert interaction designer will provide you with a solid foundation for designing your own Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

Information spaces on the Web are becoming increasingly filled with complex interactions. Even simple transactional solutions like shopping carts and document management systems are becoming more complex with richer desktop-like interaction models. Today’s web designers and information architects need access to disciplines like interaction design and software design to create powerful and successful web applications.

In this full-day seminar, David will guide you through the entire process of conceiving, designing, and managing implementation of RIAs. Through interactive exercises, David will teach you interaction design theory you can leverage when implementing an RIA, including how to select a technology, communicate with stakeholders about design decisions specific to RIAs, and design your own RIA.

Building and Managing a Successful User Experience Team

Sarah Bloomer and Susan Wolfe

Sarah Bloomer, Sarah Bloomer & Co, and Susan Wolfe, Different

Are you challenged with building a user experience (UX) team within your organization? Would you like to manage your current team's efforts more efficiently? Is your team struggling to get support and buy-in from your organization?

Most organizations understand the need for experience design efforts, yet they still struggle with how to best incorporate the UX team into the development process. To deal with these critical issues, Sarah Bloomer and Susan Wolfe have created a new one-day seminar just for you. Leveraging their years of experience managing UX teams, they will share their many insights with you.

In this full-day seminar, you will learn effective strategies for building and managing a user experience team, including best practices for collaborating with design team members, structuring your team, and measuring the success (ROI) of your experience design projects. Sarah and Susan will also share successful techniques for disseminating results within your organization, including Personas and Design Patterns. You'll come away with the practical techniques to ensure your user experience team's success within your organization.

Tuesday, October 10th: Featured Talks

Tuesday, October 10th is our Featured Talks Day. This is our “sampler” day where conference speakers give informative and entertaining 90-minute presentations. Topics will include: groundbreaking persuasive architecture techniques that will allow you to build more robust web sites, Experience Design, expert review techniques such as heuristics evaluations, and strategies for boosting your site's visual appeal.

Tuesday also includes lunch and one of the main highlights of our 4-day conference—an entertaining keynote from UIE’s very own, Jared M. Spool.

Wednesday, October 11th: Full-day Seminars


Making Meaning: Creating An Engaging Experience

Nathan Shedroff

Nathan Shedroff, Nathan.com

Do you need to create web sites that are deeply meaningful and engaging for your users? Do your current development methodologies limit the emotional impact of your site? The most effective way to establish a deep connection with users is to focus your attention on Meaning.

In this seminar, Nathan Shedroff, author of the book Experience Design 1 and co-author of the book, Making Meaning, will present new techniques to develop web sites that take into account rich interactions like user emotions, personality, attention, and meaning. Nathan will share the process for incorporating Meaning into your site's design, resulting in an engaging experience for users. After attending this seminar, you'll know how to discover more about your audience, bringing your design to the next level.

Site Seeing: Communicating Successfully with Visual Design

Gerry McGovern

Luke Wroblewski, Yahoo Inc.

Does your site’s visual design complement your content’s organization? Do the visuals help convey your organization's personality to users? Your site's visual presentation has a much greater impact than just making your site "pretty." It helps to organize information for your users, provide an emotional impact, and direct your audience to the important elements they’ll use to achieve their goals.

In his full-day seminar, Luke Wroblewski, author of the popular book, Site Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability, will share practical insights and strategies for boosting your site's visual appeal and delighting your users. When users interact with your site, they are relying on the visual presentation to tell them what the design has to offer and how they can make use of it. As a result, the more emphasis you place on communicating visually, the easier it is for people to understand and use their interface designs.

Through a series of presentations, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises, Luke will teach you the core visual design principles that will affect your site's success.

Bringing User-Centered Design Practices into Agile Development Projects

Jeff Patton

Jeff Patton, ThoughtWorks

Is your organization considering a migration to agile development processes? Is your design team struggling with development lifecycles that move at a snail's pace? The agile development movement is catching on quickly within organizations -- for good reason. Agile processes have many advantages over traditional application development including faster development lifecycles, improved product quality, and the reduction of "feature creep."

Using agile methods, in as little as three weeks, design teams can go from initial concept to deployment. Yet, three weeks is a very short time in the world of user-centered design. How do you incorporate traditional techniques, such as usability testing and field research, into these dramatically shortened development cycles?

In this full-day seminar, Jeff Patton will provide you with solid, proven techniques to integrate user-centered design into the development process. Since 2000, Jeff has been heavily involved in agile methods and is the premier expert on how to incorporate user-centered design practices into your agile projects. Jeff will show you how to best collaborate with your team members, receive continuous involvement from your users, and start development right away without a big up-front requirements analysis. After spending a day with him, you’ll have gathered all of the essential details you need to work in a fast-paced agile environment with great results.

Advanced Methods for Usability Testing

Rolf Molich

Rolf Molich, Dialog Design

Would you like to fine-tune your usability testing skills? Would you like to write reports that have more impact on the design? Would you like to ensure your working most efficiently, so you can get projects done quickly and efficiently? Here’s your opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your usability testing projects.

Since 1998, Rolf Molich has collected the methods, reports, and results of dozens of usability teams and scoured through them, in search of the best practices. He’s found radical differences in the teams’ methods – some very effective and some dreadfully ineffective. He’s culled the best and the worst and packed them into this day-long seminar, along with his amazing insights into the best practices.

This seminar will improve your skills in all areas of usability testing and facilitation, including planning and designing tests, identifying major usability problems, and writing reports. It’s the best tune-up you’ll ever get.

Thursday, October 12th: UIE Showcase Seminar Day

Spotlight Plenary

Barry Schwartz

At the UIE Showcase Seminars, we’ll start the day with the Spotlight Plenary presentation by world-renowned author and professor, Barry Schwartz. Professor Schwartz is the author of the groundbreaking book, Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less. In this enlightening talk, you'll learn why too much of a good thing can actually be a detriment.

Showcase Seminars

You have your choice between UIE’s most popular seminars or Rolf Molich's Master Workshop:

New Perspectives in User Experience Design

Jared M. Spool and Joshua Porter

Jared M. Spool and Joshua Porter, User Interface Engineering

For 15 years, User Interface Engineering has researched and developed the most advanced, state-of-the-art usability strategies and techniques used today. UIE’s Jared M. Spool and Joshua Porter will share their outlook on the state of the web usability field today.

Jared Spool, the Founding Principal of User Interface Engineering, has guided the research agenda and built UIE into the largest research organization of its kind in the world.

Joshua Porter is a leading member of UIE's research team, writing extensively on such topics as Web 2.0, Ajax, web standards, and on-site search systems.

Product Usability: Survival Techniques

Christine Perfetti

Christine Perfetti, User Interface Engineering

In this comprehensive seminar, you will examine the most successful techniques for incorporating usability practices into your development process. Christine Perfetti, UIE’s Director of Instruction, will show how to build a working prototype of your web site or software application in a matter of hours.

UI11 Master Workshop: Assessing Your Usability Skills

Rolf Molich

Rolf Molich, DialogDesign

Since 1998, Rolf Molich, a leading expert in usability practices, has uncovered groundbreaking usability testing practices in his Comparative Usability Evaluation (CUE) studies. In his research, Rolf asks usability practitioners to evaluate the same design using their standard usability practices and assesses the different results.

At UI11, Rolf will conduct a CUE study just for conference attendees!  Rolf will assess the attendees' usability methods and you'll have the chance to compare your skills to the field's best practices.